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The 5 levels of organization of life are...
a) person, places, thing, idea
b) organism, population, community, ecosystem, biosphere
c) population, biosphere, person, animal
d) organism, population, ecosystem, nature

Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
a) water
b) deer
c) soil
d) algae

An adaptation is when an animal changes behavior or physical appearance in response to
a) their mother
b) their grandma
c) their environment
d) the destruction of their habitat

Biodiversity in an ecosystem is harmed by...
a) the destruction of habitats
b) destruction of their niche
c) the host living in its habitat
d) the harmful rays from the sun

Which of the following is a biotic factor?
a) wind
b) air
c) sun
d) turtle

What is carrying capacity?
a) the amount of extra pounds an animal can carry
b) the smallest population an environment has
c) the largest population an environment can support
d) the amount of rainfall an environment can support

What effects can there be from pollution?
a) overweight organisms
b) cancer and respiratory problems
c) organisms eat too little
d) more tooth decay of organisms

What are 3 types of conservation?
a) reduce, rebuy, recycle
b) recycle, reuse, reboot
c) reduce, reuse, relocate
d) reduce, reuse, recylce

If the polar ice caps melt, what could the effect be on Earth?
a) invasive species increase
b) fossil fuels reduce in size
c) there would be lots of flooding
d) carrying capacities would change

What is decomposition?
a) bacteria breaks down dead organic matter and returns carbon dioxide and water to the environment
b) an alternative energy source
c) process of recovering valuable or useful materials from waste or scrap

a) hunt other organisms
b) create their own energy from the sun - make their own food
c) produce less pollution
d) look for dead carcus to eat

The predator will...
a) catch and eat another animal
b) try to outrun the chaser
c) be eaten

What is a natural source of pollution?
a) solar power
b) volcano
c) trash dump
d) factory

What is parasitism?
a) both organisms are helped
b) one organism is helped and the other isn't bothered
c) when one organism is hurt while the other is helped

What is an example of a nonrenewable resource?
a) coal
b) water
c) grass
d) soil

What is one reason for increased or higher temperatures on Earth?
a) the sun is hotter
b) there are increased levels of carbon dioxide
c) there isn't as much wind any more
d) the sun is getting bigger

What is mutualism?
a) both organisms benefit and help each other
b) only 1 organism benefits and the other is not harmed
c) 1 organism is helped and the other is harmed

What is recycling?
a) throwing away product materials to a landfill
b) using products over and over
c) process of recovering valuable or useful materials from waste or scrap

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