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How does a balanced chemical equation satisfy the Law of Conservation of Mass
a) During a chemical reaction, the total amount of matter stays the same
b) During a chemical reaction, matter is destroyed
c) During a chemical reaction, one or more new substances are formed
d) During a chemical reaction, the total number of atoms increases

Which careers would a student studying biotechnology most likely pursue
a) Electrical Engineering
b) Astronomy
c) Agricultural Research
d) Geology

Which best determines the number of wolves that can live in an area
a) The amount of snow in the area each year
b) The number of birds that live in the area
c) The number of trees in the area
d) The amount of food available in the area

Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin to treat which pathogen?
a) Virus
b) Pathogen
c) Parasite
d) Bacteria

Global Warming might be caused by increase of burning fossil fuels increasing what into the atmosphere
a) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
b) H2O (Water)
c) N (Nitrogen)
d) Air

This term describes nutrient rich water that arises and feeds life near the ocean surface
a) Oceanic
b) Deep Ocean
c) Upwelling
d) Downwelling

Most of Earth's freshwater resource is located where?
a) Groundwater
b) Polar Ice Caps
c) Lakes and Rivers
d) Ocean

Which is the best example of a pure substance?
a) Peanuts
b) Milk
c) Gold
d) Air

Which statement best explains how periods on the periodic table are organized?
a) Increasing atomic number from left to right
b) Increasing number of neutrons from left to right
c) Increasing number of electrons from left to right
d) Decreasing atmoic mass number from left to right

Which is an example of a renewable energy resource?
a) Biomass
b) Coal
c) Gas
d) Pertrolum

Which organelle is called the powerhouse of the cell, its where cellular respiration takes place
a) Cell Membrane
b) Nucleus
c) Mitochondria
d) Photosynthesis

What are the 6 indicators of a healthy water system
a) Frogs, flowers, bees, temperature, Oxygen, Water
b) Water Quality, pH, flowers, fish, insect, depth, width
c) Depth, Width, turbidity, bioindicators, temperature, pH
d) Temperature, Turbidity, pH, Bio-indicators, Dissolve Oxygen, Nitrates/Phosphates

What are the needed components to carry out photosynthesis
a) Sunlight, Water, Carbon Dioxide
b) Water, Soil, Sunlight
c) Carbon Dioxide, Soil, Oxygen
d) Soil, Water, Oxygen

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