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Which of the following would increase a country's gross domestic product?
a) having all children quit school
b) banning reading and books
c) investing in human capital
d) investing in video games

How does the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil impact the Earth?
a) It allows for monkeys to roam the Earth trying to find other homes.
b) It decreases the oxygen in the atmosphere
c) It increases the oxygen the the atmosphere
d) It allows for animals to turn into humans and then into rain

Which statement defines a dictatorship?
a) Citizens rule the government by voting for leaders
b) A group of people have absolute power over all the citizens of the country
c) There are no rulers and no government
d) One person rules the government with absolute power

Which problem poses the greatest threat to the environment of Brazil's Amazon region?
a) logging
b) bumble bees
c) animal poop
d) monkeys eating all the trees

Which European countries had the most cultural influences on South America?
a) Russia and Germany
b) Spain and Lithuania
c) Spain and Portugal
d) Ms. Westerland Ms. Kuhlworld

How did Haiti achieve independence?
a) peacefully from France
b) with the leadership of Miguel Hidalgo
c) with the leadership of Christina Wester
d) with the leadership of Toussaint L'Ouverture

Which natural resource is important to Venezuela's economy?
a) oil
b) pigs
c) chickens
d) gold

What kind of natural feature does the Amazon basin in Brazil contain that is vital to the world?
a) a snow covered mounatin
b) an ocean
c) a rainforest
d) a volcano

Why did the Soviet Union become Cuba's main trading partner following the Cuban Revolution?
a) USSR had a sugar shortage and needed all of Cuba's sugar
b) Because USSR started a revolution and took over Castro and the Cuba government
c) Many nations stopped trade with Cuba because they opposed their politics, while USSR was communism like Cuba
d) Because Ms. Wester told the USSR to trade with Cuba and both countries listened.

What was the result of the conflict between the Spanish and the Incas?
a) The Spanish were defeated by the Inca
b) The Inca spread diseases that wiped out all Spanish living in Peru
c) The Spanish and Inca both lost and Ms. Wester became the new leader of Peru
d) The Spanish conquered the Inca and made Peru a Spanish colony

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