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Viruses cause diseases such as
a) the common cold
b) Down syndrome
c) arthritis
d) diabetes

Why are viruses classified as non-living?
a) they cannot store water
b) they can cause illness in humans
c) they cannot reproduce without a host
d) they can go through periods of long dormancy

A virus requires a host cell in order to
a) be a living cell
b) reproduce
c) form virions
d) become dormant

Which of the following is not a primary shape of a virus?
a) helical
b) complex
c) icosahedral
d) ovoid

The shape of a virus refers to the shape of which component?
a) lipid bilayer
b) genetic material
c) protein coating
d) tail

The shape of a helical virus could also be described as
a) spiral
b) square
c) trapezoid
d) folded

An icosahedral virus has a protein capsule with ____ faces.
a) 10
b) 20
c) 25
d) 50

The envelope of an envelope virus is made up of
a) bacteria
b) host cell proteins
c) host cell walls
d) host cell membranes

Scientists study how viruses infect cells to learn about
a) selective breeding
b) preventing bacterial infections
c) killing cancer cells
d) genetic engineering

Which of the following can be infected by a virus?
a) oak tree
b) mouse
c) E. coli bacteria
d) all of the above

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