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What event led to a decisive shift from isolationism in the United States?
a) the attack on Pearl Harbor
b) the discovery of Auschwitz
c) the sinking of American ships by German submarines
d) the Battle of Britain

The quote, A date which will live in infamy., is attributed to _____________________.
a) Winston Churchill
b) Harry Truman
c) Franklin D. Roosevelt
d) Hideki Tojo

The headline, FIRST ATOMIC BOMB DROPPED ON JAPAN, refers to the bombing of ____________________.
a) Hiroshima
b) Tokyo
c) Nagasaki
d) Berlin

What was the outcome of WWII?
a) The communists gained control over most of Western Europe.
b) Japan and Germany became the dominant military powers in their regions
c) The Soviet Union emerged as an international superpower.
d) England and France increased their overseas colonial possessions.

The tools, sickle and hammer are associated with:
a) communism
b) democracy
c) fascism
d) Stalinism

The Yalta Conference occurred near the end of World War II, but marked the beginning of serious tensions between_______________________.
a) Europe and Asia
b) U.S. and Germany
c) USSR and the U.S.
d) Russia and China

Identify one issue soldiers faced in the trenches and describe the extent of the problem.
a) f

Identify one punishment placed upon Germany by the Versailles Treaty.
a) reparations in the amount of 300,000, 000
b) reparations in the amount of 150,000,000

Identify one technological advance introduced during WWI and the impact it had on war.
a) f

Identify one measure taken at home to help win the war effort.
a) f

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