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What is a possible reason why Africa has so many more cases of HIV and/or AIDS than the rest of the world?
a) The number of people living in Africa is greater than all of the other worldwide locations combined.
b) Africans do not have ready access to good health care and education.
c) Scientists miscounted the number of cases.
d) Africans do not have clean drinking water.

Why can't the bone marrow transplant that cured two people from HIV be used more often?
a) It is too expensive.
b) It is very invasive and dangerous for someone who doesn't have cancer as well.
c) It only works in the early stages of HIV.
d) It is painful and has a long recovery time.

What system is mostly affected by HIV and/or AIDS?
a) nervous system
b) circulatory system
c) immune system
d) respiratory system

Why is it so difficult to cure HIV?
a) Most people with HIV do not show symptoms.
b) Virus inserts its own DNA into the cells.
c) HIV virus only infects already sick cells.
d) The virus replicates too quickly.

What is HIV?
a) a bacteria
b) a virus
c) a parasite
d) the same as AIDS

True or false? There currently is no common cure for HIV.
a) true
b) false

True or false? All people with HIV will eventually develop AIDS.
a) true
b) false

Where are the majority of HIV and/or AIDS cases in the world?
a) Asia
b) North America
c) Europe
d) Africa

Which of the following is an at-risk behavior increasing the chance of contracting HIV?
a) shaking hands with an infected person
b) sitting at the same lunch table with an infected person
c) having unprotected sexual contact with an infected person
d) using the same restroom after an infected person uses the restroom

Which of the following is a symptom of AIDS?
a) swollen lymph nodes
b) fever
c) flu like symptoms
d) all are symptoms of AIDS

When does HIV become AIDS?
a) as soon as HIV enters the body
b) when the body can't fight infections anymore
c) after 30 days
d) HIV never becomes AIDS

What does AIDS stand for?
a) Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
b) Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus
c) Acquired Immunodepressant Syndrome
d) Acquired Immunedeficiency Syndrome

What does HIV stand for?
a) Human immunedeficiency Virus
b) Human Immunodeficiency Virus
c) Human impactodeficiency Virus
d) Human deficiencyimmune Virus

True or false? HIV and AIDS are the same.
a) true
b) false

Which of the following is a way you can't get HIV?
a) sharing a drug needle with an infected person
b) having unprotected sexual contact with an infected person
c) sitting on the toilet seat after an infected person
d) you can get HIV from all of the mentioned ways

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