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An insect called the hemlock woolly adelgid was introduced to a VA ecosystem. This pest feeds on the nutrients stored in the hemlock tree, resulting in the death of the tree. Which kind of data would help a student evaluate the effect of the insect
a) A comparison of the adelgid with native pest species.
b) an account of how the adelgid was introduced into Virginia ecosystems
c) A list of the foreign ecosystems infiltrated by the hemlock wooly adelgid
d) Information about the ecosystem's characteristics before the adelgid infestation

In a population of 120 oak trees, 25% of the population has oak wilt disease. What is the number of trees in this population that will have oak wilt?
a) 30
b) 100
c) 50
d) 28

In 1950, Chargaff discovered that the percentage of adenine in DNA equals the percentage of thymine and that the percentage of cytosine equals the percentage of guanine. This proved invaluable to the eventual discovery of which aspect of DNA?
a) locaton
b) solubility
c) structure
d) volume

The study of embryos and other early stages of development can help in the classification of living things, past and present, by providing clues about the
a) prokaryotic species that are at risk for extinction
b) rate of appearances of new terrestrial organisms
c) barriers to mating among marine populations
d) common ancestry among vertebrate species

Seaweeds occupy an important niche in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Which question will best help a student identify the role of seaweeds in this ecosystem?
a) Which organisms depend on seaweeds as an energy source?
b) Which seaweed species produces the greatest amount of oxygen?
c) What wavelengths of light are photosynthesized by seaweed species?
d) What is the salinity in areas where seaweed is growing?

Five species of frogs that live in separate habitats within 5 non-overlapping ranges along the Mississippi River share a common ancestor. Which process is most likely responsible for the formation of these different species?
a) Physiological isolation
b) Geographic isolation
c) Behavioral isolation
d) Reproductive isolation

Which of these would most likely result in a change to the current classification of an organism?
a) Discovering organisms with similar physical traits in the fossil record
b) Finding a related organisms that was previously considered extinct
c) Linking the organism to different ancestors through DNA sequencing
d) Observing organisms that occupy the same ecological niche

Which characteristic do most adult fungi and plants share?
a) They both are producers.
b) They both have cells with cell walls.
c) They both reproduce through binary fission.
d) They both have multiple nuclei in each cell.

Students used a dissolved oxygen probe during a laboratory activity involving 1000 mL samples of pond water. The function of the probe is to
a) create a model
b) test a hypothesis
c) gather accurate data
d) analyze investigation conditions

Studying the differences between fossils and modern organisms helps scientists better understand the:
a) role of mutation in life funtions
b) primary function of key macromolecules
c) adaptation of organisms through acquired traits
d) evolution of organisms over time

The weakness of hydrogen bonds between the bases of DNA allows:
a) rearrangement of the sequence of bases to take place
b) base pairs to separate during transcription and replication
c) new bases to be incorporated into the DNA molecule
d) conversion of bases to amino acids in the event of cell starvation

A student is investigating the effect of plants on indoor air quality and states, If plants are added to an indoor environment, the air quality will improve. This statement is an example of --
a) a theory
b) a procedure
c) an observation
d) a hypothesis

Which helps scientists best determine the age of fossils?
a) Physical traits
b) Genetic makeup
c) Reproductive strategy
d) Radioactive isotopes

Darwin's explanation for evolution was dependent on which scientific concept?
a) The ability of organisms to learn.
b) The significance of social behaviors for survival.
c) The existence of variations in a population.
d) The relationship between size and survival.

What did Rosalind Franklin contribute to the understanding of DNA molecules?
a) An image indicating the shape of the DNA molecule.
b) An analysis of the chemical make-up of a DNA molecule.
c) A thought that DNA carries genetic information.
d) A theory about how DNA conveys genetic information.

Red flower color is dominant to white flower color in rose plants. What is the expected result of a cross between two heterozygous rose plants?
a) 100% red
b) 75 % red, 25% white
c) 50% red, 50% white
d) 25% red, 75% white

To classify an organism a scientist finds in the field, which of these will the scientist first compare to other known organisms?
a) Dietary habits
b) Ecological niche
c) Physical structure
d) Reproductive method

For a growth curve to continue to increase exponentially, which of these most occur?
a) The organisms must adapt to a new habitat.
b) The organisms must migrate to a new environment.
c) The resources of the environment must be unlimited.
d) The environment must provide a habitat for a large variety of organisms.

In an ecosystem, a sudden decrease in the number of bacteria in the soil would most likely result in
a) increased water pollution in the soil
b) increased precipitation and flooding of the soil
c) a reduction in the amount of nitrogen available to the ecosystem
d) a decrease in the number of fossils formed in the soil

Medicines are being produced using recombinant DNA technology. For veterinarians, the use of this DNA technology will result in
a) decreasing the number of antibodies produced by pets
b) altering the chromosomes of healthy pets
c) making more treatments available to pets
d) identifying new diseases spread by pets

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