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the temperature of 15*F is what temperature in Celsius?
a) 59
b) -59
c) 9.4
d) -9.4

which subatomic particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
a) codons and protons
b) neutrons and electrons
c) protons and neutrons
d) protons and electrons

an atom has 15 protons, 16 electrons and 17 neutrons, what is its atomic mass number?
a) 31
b) 32
c) 33
d) 48

which classification of matter has only one type of atom
a) element
b) compound
c) mixture
d) none

The element aluminum has an atomic number of 13 and an atomic mass of 27. How many electrons does aluminum have
a) 13
b) 14
c) 27
d) 40

the element Gallium has an atomic number of 31 and an atomic mass number of 70. How many neutrons does Gallium have
a) 31
b) 39
c) 70
d) 101

the element bromine has an atomic number of 35 and an atomic mass number of 80. how many protons does bromine have
a) 35
b) 45
c) 80
d) 115

what happens to temperature when a substance is melting
a) it increases
b) it decreases
c) it stays the same

according to the graph, what is the melting point of the substance
a) 20*c
b) 30*c
c) 40*c
d) 50*c

according to the graph, what is the freezing point of the graph
a) 20*c
b) 30*c
c) 40*c
d) 50*c

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