MaWD Unit 2.01 Question Preview (ID: 31467)

These Questions Are From Section 2.01.

Paula is taking pictures of her vacation to post on the family website. She wants her family to be able to access the files from various devices and browsers. Which factor is she considering?
a) color depth
b) compression
c) portability
d) transparency

An athletic company wants to use an animated graphic on their website. Which file is the best option to use?
a) ball.jpg
b) ball.gif
d) ball.png

Cassie wants to remove a dead tree in the background of a picture. Which image editing feature permits her to retouch the photo?
a) aspect ratio
b) cloning
c) filtering
d) rotating

An athletic company needs to save their logo in a format that supports 16 million colors and transparency for their website. Which file is the best option to use?
a) ball.jpg
b) ball.gif
d) ball.png

While editing an image, Lucy clicked on one of the image handles and dragged it to the right in order to change the display size of the image. This caused the image to be distorted. Which of the following did she change?
a) aspect ratio
b) colorbepth
c) transparency
d) rotation

Valerie is creating images to include on her company website. The compression type she is using reduces the file size without deleting any of the image data. Which type of compression is she using?
a) lossless
b) lossy
c) portable
d) transparent

A student needs to reduce the size of a object in his graphic design project. Which image editing technique should he use?
a) scaling
b) layering
c) fill
d) gradient

Ms. Matthews is printing posters of her students' artwork. Since the images will be printed, they will need:
a) a higher resolution for better print quality
b) a lower resolution for smaller file size
c) a lower resolution in order to download faster
d) a higher resolution in order to download fater

Jill has created an animated graphic for a company's website. This graphic should be saved as a:
a) jpeg
b) gif
c) tiff
d) pdf

A student would like to remove her boyfriend from her prom photo. Which image editing technique should she consider?
a) aspect ratio
b) cropping
c) layering
d) rotating

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