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Which explains why children resemble their parents?
a) They eat the same food
b) They speak the same language
c) They inherit traits from their parents
d) They live in the same house

What is the definition of an inherited trait?
a) A trait genetically passed from an offspring to a parent
b) A trait genetically passed from a parent to an offspring
c) Something you learn how to do.
d) A trait genetically passed between siblings

Are inherited traits passed from parent to offspring in both plants and animals?
a) No
b) Yes

Which best describes a single celled organism?
a) A small group of organisms
b) A small organism with many parts
c) A organism able to carry out all of it's own life processes.
d) An organism that relies on others to survive.

Which describes a bacterial cell?
a) It is a complete organism
b) It has more than one cell
c) It has different kids of cells
d) It's part of a larger organism.

Which is a characteristic of a dog that is most likely a result of its environment?
a) Eye color
b) Fur color
c) Food preference
d) Height

Which is an example of a single-celled organism?
a) Fish
b) Worm
c) Amoeba
d) Bee

Matt has a scar, is intelligent, likes pizza and drumming. Which trait is inherited?
a) Scar
b) Likes Pizza
c) Drumming
d) Intelligent

Which characteristic would a child NOT inherit from one or both of its parents?
a) Freckles
b) Hairstyle
c) Eye color
d) Dimples

What information tells you if an organism is unicellular or multicellular?
a) Size of the cells in the organism
b) What the organism eats
c) How many types of cells the organism has
d) How fast the organism moves.

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