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orininal DNA is GGT CCG, the DNA is now GGA CCG, what type of mutation?
a) substitution
b) deletion
c) insertion
d) translocation

Cross two incomplete dominant flowers: (red) RR x (white) WW
a) all are pink
b) half are red
c) half are white
d) all are white

a mutation changed the DNA, but not the protein
a) silent mutation
b) nonsense mutation
c) big mutation
d) bad mutation

a mutation is...
a) a change in the DNA
b) always beneficial
c) is always passed on to offspring
d) is always shown in a physical trait

a square in a pedigree is a ___
a) male
b) female
c) child
d) grandparent

If the percent of allele frequency increases over time....
a) the trait is beneficial
b) the trait is harmful
c) the trait is recessive

a population is divided by a river results in...
a) geographic isolation
b) temporal isolation
c) major isolation
d) gametic isolation

A new colony starts by a small group of individuals
a) the founder effect
b) directional selection
c) stabilizing selection
d) an incease in population size

a structure that is considered no longer useful, but still present is called...
a) vestigial
b) fossil
c) acquired
d) variation

a species at equilibrum migrates and soon rapidly evoles. what type of evolution occured?
a) adaptive radation
b) coevolution
c) genetic mutation
d) convergent evoluion

Similar fossils are found on two continents...
a) continental drift
b) mountain building
c) volcanic eruption
d) ocean current

Which includes all others
a) ecosystem
b) community
c) species
d) population

which illustrates an abiotic factor in an ecosystem
a) dirt
b) frogs
c) plants
d) grass

which makes energy in an ecosystem?
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) herbivores
d) carnivores

What happens to energy that is transferred through the ecosystem?
a) the energy decreases
b) the energy increases
c) the energy stays the same
d) the enery flucuates

a turtle eats a fish. What kind of relationship is that?
a) predation
b) parasitism
c) symbiosis
d) competition

Which of the following most likely compete?
a) bacteria and fungi
b) deer and wolf
c) tree and fungi
d) deer and bacteria

water that moves from the surface to into the ground...
a) seeping to become groundwater
b) evaporating
c) taken by plants through transpiration

a limiting factor unique to a corn field year after year is...
a) soil nutrients
b) sunlight
c) temperature
d) water

a population grows and levels off because it reached...
a) carrying capacity
b) equilibrium
c) exponential growth
d) rapid growth

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