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Which color mode does a computer monitor use, and which does a printer use?
a) Monitor uses RGB, printer uses CMYK
b) Monitor uses RGB, printer uses RGB
c) Monitor uses CMYK, printer uses RGB
d) Monitor uses CMYK, printer uses Grayscale

In Adobe Illustrator, what is the bounded by a solid line in which you create your artwork?
a) Drawing Zone
b) Artboard
c) White Zone
d) Main Area

What does RAM stand for?
a) Ready Accelerated Memory
b) Random-Access Memory
c) Resting-Access Module
d) Readable Animation Module

What symbol represents the smudge tool?
a) an ink blot
b) a pointing finger
c) an eraser
d) an open hand

What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?
a) RAM
b) CPU
c) ROM

The History palette records events called _.
a) Tasks
b) Commands
c) Effects
d) States

Which menu drop down icon should you go to when you can't find the toolbox or brushes palette?
a) Edit
b) Window
c) File
d) Layer

A security expert is referred to as a
a) white hat
b) blue hat
c) black hat
d) gray hat

Which of these tools lets you select a range of colors?
a) paintbrush
b) magic wand tool
c) gradient tool
d) magnifying glass

Which of these tools can copy and recreate an image on your screen?
a) rubber stamp tool
b) gradient tool
c) move tool
d) paintbrush

What does the color mode RGB stand for?
a) Red, Green, Blue
b) Reduction Graphic Blending
c) Real Graphic Backgrounds
d) Red, Grey, Black

A piece of equipment or product that is used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability
a) Disability Engineering
b) Assistive Technology
c) Universal Design
d) Futuristic Thinking

___ is publishing statements about someone that you know are untrue.
a) Slander
b) Libel

What does the eyedropper tool do?
a) It selects color from the pixels you click on in the image.
b) It drops color onto the screen.
c) It adds a water drop effect to the image wherever you click the screen.
d) It clears up red eyes caused from using the flash in photographs.

From the tools palette, the selection tool that selects on the basis of similar color is
a) Magic Wand tool
b) History Brush tool
c) Clone Stamp tool
d) Marquee tool

CMYK color mode stands for
a) Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black
b) Codec, Max, Light, Dark
c) Cyan, Maroon, Yellow, Blue
d) Cauldron, Marine, Orange, White

Adobe Bridge is...
a) a stand-alone application that serves as the hub for the Adobe Creative Suite.
b) only used when trying to open more than one image at a time.
c) opened by going to File-Open.
d) a system that does not allow pictures to be altered.

____ is the number of pixels displayed per unit of printed length in an image (usually measured in inches).
a) Image Resolution
b) Pixelation
c) Image Size
d) Opacity

What does DOS stand for?
a) Dual Operating System
b) Disk Operating System
c) Dual Organized System
d) Disk Organized System

What happens to anything in RAM when you turn your computer off for 30 seconds or longer?
a) It allows the RAM to clear cleanly.
b) It is saved for later access.
c) It is stored in ROM.
d) It duplicates the information stored in your RAM.

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