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What kind of object does a check button need associated with it to reflect the check button’s status?
a) StringVar
b) BooleanVar
c) IntVar
d) IntegerVar

Which text widget option will remove text from a widget?
a) erase()
b) delete()
c) insert()
d) del()

A blueprint for creating software objects is...
a) a function
b) a class
c) a method
d) an attribute

Which line of code will import the tkinter module into the global scope of the program?
a) from tkinter import all
b) from tk import *
c) import tkinter
d) from tkinter import *

A GUI widget that only allows you to select one among many options.
a) Checkbox
b) Radio button
c) Button
d) Label

What is a parameter?
a) The variable name a function returns.
b) A variable that can receive values for a function.
c) A variable that can send values to a function.
d) Part of a calculation in a function.

What is an 'event driven program'?
a) A sequential program that runs based on user input
b) A sequential program that runs based on predetermined events
c) A non-sequential program that runs based on user input
d) A non-sequential program that runs based on predetermined events

What’s the difference between Text and Entry in a GUI app?
a) Entry is just one row, and Text is defined by how many rows and columns.
b) You can only write to Text.
c) Text is just one row, and Entry is defined by how many rows and columns.
d) You can only write to Entry.

What’s the purpose of grid()?
a) To display the root GUI window
b) Layout manager that puts the widget in a container and positions it
c) To position elements in the frame
d) None of the above

How do you bind an event to an event handler?
a) mainloop()
b) Use the widget's command option, such as 'command = xxx'
c) By creating a submit button
d) By calling another method in the init method

What method sets the size of a root window?
a) root.geometry(“200x100”)
b) root.size(“200x100”)
c) root(“200x100”)
d) root.dimensions(“200x100”)

Why might you use a static method?
a) To call another method
b) If your method will not be changing
c) If you want something to stay constant
d) To access a class attribute

What is a “class attribute”?
a) Common attribute between two objects
b) Common attribute across the class—not saved in each object
c) Attribute accessible by way of an object only
d) An attribute stored in the __init__

Should attributes be public or private?
a) Private but Python doesn’t keep you from accessing them
b) Public
c) It depends
d) You should have both

Which method allows for a printed object to display customized information?
a) __init__ method
b) __str__method
c) Static method
d) Class method

What is a constructor?
a) a special type of class
b) a function to create an object
c) method called when you create an object
d) the base of a GUI program

read(10) means...
a) read the first 10 lines of a file
b) read the first 10 characters of a file
c) read the first 9 characters of a file
d) read the first 9 lines of a file

readlines() means:
a) reads all the lines from the file into a list
b) reads all the lines from the file into a tuple
c) reads all the lines from the file into a string
d) reads all the lines from the file, but don't do anything

What can you do to a closed file?
a) Read from it
b) Write to it
c) Read and write to it
d) None of the above

Which of these statements is true?
a) You must have a submit button to make a GUI app event-driven.
b) Creating a variable inside a function makes it global.
c) You can't call a static method unless you've instantiated at least one object.
d) Usually, you want to avoid directly accessing an object’s attributes outside of its class definition.

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