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Homo Erectus was
a) the first hominid to use fire.
b) the first hominid to use tools.
c) the first hominid to live in Africa.
d) the first hominid to walk the earth.

Historians primarily use _________________ to study the past.
a) artifacts
b) written records
c) fossils
d) culture

Lucy was a member of which hominid group?
a) homo sapiens
b) homo habilis
c) homo erectus
d) australopithecines

The New Stone Age is also called
a) preanthropolgy
b) the Neolithic Period
c) the Paleolithic Period
d) the Classical Age

The Neolithic Period started when people learned to
a) write
b) use fire
c) farm
d) make weapons

A(n)__________________ is anything made by humans that can be used to study the past.
a) fossil
b) artifact
c) tool
d) scribe

The world's first civilization was called
a) Sumer
b) Ziggurat
c) Egypt
d) Assyria

The first legal code in history to be written down was called
a) the Laws of the Twelve Tables
b) Hammurabi's Code
c) the Zoroaster
d) the Rosetta Stone

The top social class in ancient civilizations was made up of mostly
a) farmers
b) priests and nobles
c) artisans
d) merchants

Ancient Sumerian writing is called
a) hieroglyphics
b) arabic
c) cursive
d) cuneiform

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