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Women remained in __________________ female roles during WWI.
b) traditional
c) non-traditional

What were the gardens called that helped the war effort at home?
a) Triumphant Gardens
b) Victory Gardens
c) Winners' Garden
d) Versailles Gardens

Shell shock refers to the illness known today as:

Who was responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand?
b) The Black Hand
c) The Beige Hand

Which of the following has been an alternate name used to refer to WWI?
a) The War to End All Wars
b) The Great War
c) both A and B
d) none of the above

The formation of what organization was suggested by Woodrow Wilson in his Fourteen Points?
a) United Nations
b) Organization of American States
d) League of Nations

What was Wilson's plan for lasting peace after WWI?
b) United Nations
c) Fourteen Points
d) Versailles Treaty

Which of the following countries did NOT join the League of Nations immediately following the end of WWI?
a) England
b) France
c) United States
d) Italy

Why did many Americans oppose the League of Nations?
a) They believed it to be not democratic.
b) They were afraid it would drag the U.S. into further European conflicts.
c) They did not want to send American money to rebuild Germany.
d) They feared it would hurt relations with other neutral countries.

The four MAIN causes of WWI were:
a) Socialism, Alliance System, Imperialism, Nationalism
b) Fascism, Alliance System, Imperialism, Nationalism
c) Communism, Alliance System, Imperialism, Nationalism
d) Alliance System, Imperialism, Nationalism

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