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After the Civil War, many land owners now had to ______________their workers.
a) pay
b) fire
c) share their farms with
d) None of the above

Florida decided to secede from the United States because of this controversy :____________________________.
a) loyalty to northern states
b) slavery
c) trouble with South Carolina
d) high taxes

What role did the children of pioneers have in Florida? ________________________________
a) The had chores such as weeding gardens and collecting firewood.
b) They were in charge of planting fields
c) They were in charge of cooking meals
d) They worked as merchants in the early communities

__________ controlled East and West Florida after the Adams-Onis Treaty was signed.
a) Spain
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) United States

Because Native American groups used up all their _______ , they migrated away from their homelands.
a) land
b) resources
c) money
d) deer skins

_________ __________ was the first place where African Americans live freely in the United States.
a) Fort Mose
b) St. Augustine
c) North Tallahassee
d) Ybor City

Why is St.Augustine a significant place?_____________
a) It's the oldest English settlement in the U.S.
b) It's the oldest European settlement in the U.S.
c) It's the oldest continuous European settlement in the U.S.
d) None of the above

Native Americans saw a dramatic decrease in population when the European explorers came here due to ______________.
a) Native Americans married Europeans
b) Native Americans moved to Europe
c) Native Americans were killed by European diseases
d) Native Americans moved from Florida to other states

Florida has a higher average population density than the United States because ___________________________________.
a) it has limited space
b) it has more land than any other state
c) it has less land used for farming than most states
d) None of the above

The _________ surrounding Florida keep the moisture in the air in Florida
a) little rain
b) cool temperatures
c) freezing temperature in the winter
d) ocean

____________ and __________ are connected to Florida's panhandle.
a) Alabama and Mississippi
b) Georgia and Alabama
c) South Carolina and Alabama
d) Mississippi and Georgia

The Freedman's Bureau helped free _________________ and open ___________.
a) Escaped slaves, businesses
b) wild animals, shelters
c) African Americans, schools
d) None of the above

____________ power helped to move both people and goods in the early 1900's.
a) Electric
b) Steam
c) Nuclear
d) Horse

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