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You can calculate work by using the equation ____.
a) force + distance = work
b) force / distance = work
c) force - distance = work
d) force x distance = work

Which of the following devices does not make use of electrical energy?
a) upright piano
b) toaster
c) digital camera
d) radio

In a nuclear fusion reaction, nuclear energy is transformed into ____.
a) light and matter
b) nuclei and energy
c) energy and heat
d) heat and light

A bus engine transfers chemical potential energy into ____ so that the bus moves.
a) thermal energy
b) gravitational energy
c) electrical energy
d) mechanical energy

An electric razor changes ______ energy to _______
a) chemical-heat
b) electrical-mechanical
c) electrical-light
d) heat-mechanical

A bench press machine changes ______ energy to _______
a) chemical-heat
b) electrical-light
c) chemical-mechanical
d) electrical-mechanical

A dryer changes ______ energy to _______
a) heat-chemical
b) electrical- thermal
c) electrical-chemical
d) light-thermal

A household mixer changes ______ energy to _______
a) chemical-mechanical
b) electrical-mechanical
c) electrical-chemical
d) mechanical-electrical

Work is NOT being done in which example?
a) A boy holds a heavy package for an hour.
b) A girl peddles her bike down a hill
c) A soccer player kicks a goal.
d) A boy carries his baby sister across the room

You CANNOT calculate power with this equation:
a) power = work / time
b) power = (time x force) / distance
c) power = (force x distance) / time
d) power = (distance x force) / time

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