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What nickname was given to the American soldiers in World War I?
a) GI's
b) Doughboys
c) storm troopers
d) trenchers

What effect did American military intervention have on the outcome of WWI?
a) It prolonged the conflict.
b) It became a strong military advantage for the U.S.
c) It caused many nations to lose respect for the U.S.
d) It offered a strong military advantage for the Allies

What event challenged the U.S. policy of neutrality during WWI?
a) Battle of the Maine
b) election of 1916
c) sinking of the Lusitania
d) Bolshevik Revolution

After war broke out in Europe in 1914, what event increased tensions between the U.S. and Germany?
a) Zimmerman Telegram
b) U.S. military aid to the Allied Forces
c) President Wilson's 14 points
d) U.S. Senate's rejection of the Versailles Treaty

Who was the President of the U.S. during WWI?
a) Herbert Hoover
b) Woodrow Wilson
c) William Howard Taft
d) William McKinley

Which of the following was a cause of WWI?
a) pacifism
b) a trade imbalance
c) state's rights
d) the Alliance system

What was the immediate cause of WWI in 1914?
a) sinking of the Lusitania
b) assasination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
c) Senate rejection of the League of Nations
d) Woodrow Wilson's assertion of U.S. neutrality

How did the U.S. benefit from remaining neutral in Worl War I?
a) The U.S. built ships for the Central Powers.
b) Many skilled Europeans emigrated to the U.S. to escape the fighting.
c) The U.S. profited from the sales of wartime supplies to both sides.
d) The U.S. was able to hire out troops to both the Allies and the Central Powers.

What was the response of the United States at the beginning of World War I?
a) to join the Allies
b) to declare war on Germany
c) to remain neutral
d) to issue the Truman Doctrine

The combat during WWI was unique in that it was mainly fought:
a) in the air
b) in the trenches
c) on the Atlantic Ocean
d) with diplomacy

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