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Doing business via the Internet is called:
a) Start-up business
b) Virtual business
c) Brick and mortar business
d) Multi-channel business

The first step in budgeting is to_____________________________.
a) set your financial goals
b) estimate your income
c) record what you spend
d) review what you spent

The payment of a share of profits given to stock holders is called:
a) Preferred fund
b) Stock
c) Dividend
d) Capital gain

If the value of the U.S. dollar goes up compared with a Euro:
a) The U.S. will reduce European imports.
b) It will take fewer Euros to buy American products.
c) The same amount of U.S. dollars will buy less French cheese.
d) It will take fewer dollars to buy Italian leather.

Checks that have been written but not yet cashed are:
a) Canceled checks
b) Outstanding checks
c) Endorsed checks
d) Reconciled checks

The ability to quickly turn an investment into cash is called:
a) Inflation
b) Liquidity
c) Risk
d) Maturity rate

The measure or score of a person's ability and willingness to pay debts on time is:
a) Credit Rating
b) Collateral
c) Capacity
d) Credit Limit

In order for a bank not to cash a particular check is:
a) Reconciliation order
b) Overdraft protection
c) Canceled check
d) Stop payment order

Not-for-profit banks set up by organizations for their customers are called:
a) Savings and Loans Associations
b) Commercial Banks
c) Credit Unions
d) Finance Companies

A warranty can protect consumers by _____________________.
a) providing a sound financial plan
b) providing a return on investment
c) making certain the consumer is paying as much as possible
d) assuring the quality of their protect

The primary way banks generate profit is by:
a) Offering Savings Accounts
b) Making Loans
c) Offering Certificates of Deposit
d) Offering Checking Accounts

Common Stock _______________________________.
a) provides the most basic form of corporation ownership
b) yields the highest rate of return
c) is the stock that receives cash dividends before other stock holders receive any
d) is stock that does not pay dividends

The property of goods pledged by a borrower to use as security against a loan if it is not paid is:
a) Character
b) Capacity
c) Capital
d) Collateral

The central bank of the United States is the:
a) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
b) Federal Reserve System
c) U.S. Common Bank
d) Bank of the United States

The Consumer Credit Protection Act (Truth in Lending Act) requires creditors to ______________________.
a) provide partial disclosure of terms and total costs
b) provide minimal disclosure of terms and total costs
c) provide full disclosure of terms and total costs
d) provide adequate disclosure of terms and total costs

If a credit card balance is not paid in full, the amount of money you will eventually be liable for will ___________________.
a) decrease
b) increase
c) not change
d) stay the same

The most important insurance one should carry is __________.
a) Life Insurance
b) Health Insurance
c) Homeowners Insurance
d) Auto Insurance

The non-for-profit financial cooperative associations are called ________________.
a) Credit Unions
b) Commercial Banks
c) Pawn Shops
d) Financial Institutions

All of the following would provide smart financial service EXCEPT:
a) Commercial Banks
b) Credit Unions
c) Pay Day Loans
d) Savings and Loans

Debit Card charges are posted to your account ___________.
a) immediately
b) during your next billing cycle
c) at the end of the month
d) 2 weeks after the purchase

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