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pattern or flow of sound
a) stanza
b) haiku
c) rhythm
d) rhyme

the repetition of accented vowel and syllable sounds
a) rhyme
b) rhythm
c) alliteration
d) stanza

used for expression of personal thoughts and feelings
a) poetry
b) narrative poem
c) limerick
d) lyric poem

a grouping of two or more lines in a poem
a) verse
b) stanza
c) lyric poetry
d) haiku

Using other words in a sentence to clarify the definition of a word
a) inference
b) irony
c) central idea
d) context clues

Figuring out what is not exactly stated in the text
a) inference
b) textual evidence
c) context clues
d) summary

the author’s attitude toward his/her subject
a) tone
b) attitude
c) central idea
d) inference

words or details that appeal to the senses and cause a scene to flash before readers’ eyes
a) descriptive words
b) characterization
c) imagery
d) figurative language

contrast between what is stated and what is actually meant, or between what is expected to happen and what actually happens
a) irony
b) tone
c) context clues
d) inference

a form of language spoken in a particular place or by a particular group of people. Ex: the south says Y'ALL
a) jargon
b) dialect
c) idiom
d) slang

a word that has meaning in itself but is used to REPRESENT or STAND FOR something else as well. Ex: a dove represents peace, a cross represents faith, etc.
a) jargon
b) stereotype
c) symbol
d) dialect

specialized vocabulary shared by members of a group that others outside the group may not be familiar with
a) jargon
b) slang
c) stereotype
d) dialect

an informal vocabulary made up of invented words ex: yolo, bae, etc.
a) slang
b) stereotype
c) jargon
d) none of the above

a broad generalization or oversimplified view that disregards individual differences. Ex: all girls wear pink, all boys like football
a) slang
b) stereotype
c) context clues
d) inference

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