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The Human Genome Project may make use of which of the following to diagnose genetic disorders before birth?
a) gel electrophoresis
b) cell cultures
c) PCR
d) all of the above

Individuals that have sickle-cell anemia ______.
a) suffer tissue damage resulting from oxygen deprivation
b) are two times more likely to be males than females
c) lack an enzyme that breaks down a lipid produced in the central nervous system
d) will not exhibit any symptoms until around age 40

Mosquitoes developed an immunity to DDT by ___________.
a) developing physiological adaptations to the insecticide
b) dying as a result of being exposed to the insecticide
c) eating the insecticide and becoming immune to it
d) this never happened

X-rays, ultraviolet light, and radioactive substances that can change the chemical nature of DNA are classified as _____.
a) metamorphic molecules
b) enzymes
c) nucleic acids
d) mutagens

Cellular respiration takes place in what kind of organisms?
a) plants
b) animals
c) plants and animals
d) fungi

A system for naming species in which two words are used to name an organism is ____.
a) dichotomous keying
b) cladistics
c) wizardry
d) binomial nomenclature

Organisms that closely resemble each other, even though they are separated by distance and genetics, can best be explained by _____.
a) spontaneous generation
b) convergent evolution
c) zombie apocalypse
d) genetic mutations

Which of the following would be least likely to happen as a result of a mutation in a person's skin cells?
a) reduced function of the cell
b) skin cancer
c) no change in function of the cell
d) any offspring will have mutated skin

Structures that have a similiar evolutionary origin and structure but serve different funtion are called_____.
a) homologous
b) analogous
c) vestigial
d) heterozygous

Watson and Crick were the first to suggest that DNA is _______.
a) a short molecule
b) a double helix
c) genetic material
d) protein

When classifying organisms, a group of related phyla is a _______.
a) kingdom
b) class
c) order
d) family

When classifying organisms, a group of related species is a ____.
a) order
b) kingdom
c) genus
d) family

The passing on of traits from parents to off spring is called _____.
a) gene splicing
b) heredity
c) inbreeding
d) genetics

Organisms need a way of storing energy because ____.
a) an organisms has times that no energy is used
b) a cell can't always immediately use all the energy it gets
c) a cell can only release stored energy
d) a cell cannot create energy and must get energy from another source

A DNA segment is changed from -AATTAG- to -AAATAG-. This is _______
a) point mutation
b) frameshift mutation
c) mutagens
d) no problem for the cell

Which of the following genetic disorders can be detected by karotyping?
a) Klinefelter syndrome and sickle-cell anemia
b) Tay-Sachs disease and phenylketonuria (PKU)
c) hemophilia and cystic fibrosis
d) Down's syndrome

The 23rd chromosomes that differ from males to females are called ______.
a) polygenes
b) sex chromosomes
c) multiple alleles
d) autosomes

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