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The founder of modern evolutionary theory is considered to be ______.
a) Charles Darwin
b) Alexander Oparin
c) Mrs. Vaughn
d) Bill Nye

The blood types A, B, AB, and O are the result of ______ inheritance.
a) simple dominant
b) simple recessive
c) polygenic
d) multiple allelic

Leaves appear green because the green portion of the light that strikes them is ______.
a) reflected
b) absorbed
c) magic
d) nobody knows why

The process by which a DNA molecule is copied is called _______.
a) binary fission
b) mitosis
c) meiosis
d) replication

A child has a rare genetic disorder. Neither parent has this disorder. How did the child inherit it?
a) It is a sex linked trait
b) The disorder is dominant and carried by a parent
c) The disorder is a natural phenomenon
d) The disorder is recessive and carried by both parents.

Individuals with Huntington's disease _______.
a) suffer from a form of aneuploidy
b) undergo progressive deterioration of the nervous system
c) must have frequent transfusions because their blood lacks a clotting factor
d) find breathing difficult and suffer frequent lung infections

What is the main purpose of the Calvin Cylce or dark reaction?
a) produce ATP
b) destroy CO2
c) make sugar
d) split water

Upon close examination of the skeleton of an adult python, a pelvic girdle and leg bones can be observed. these features are an example of _____.
a) homologous structure
b) analogous structure
c) vestigial structure
d) building structure

The gamete that contains genes contributed only by the mother is _______.
a) sperm
b) egg
c) phenotypes
d) genotypes

What type of selection favors one extreme trait?
a) natural selection
b) stabilizing selection
c) directional selection
d) disruptive selection

What type of selection favors average individuals?
a) natural selection
b) stabilizing selection
c) directional selection
d) disruptive selection

Hemophilia and color blindness are ________.
a) located on the Y chromosome
b) sex-linked conditions
c) can be cured
d) caused by a dominant gene

What is the end result of frameshift mutation?
a) nearly every amino acid in the protein will be changed
b) only one amino acid will change
c) there will be no affect
d) the organism will die

A phenotype that results from a dominant allele must have at least ___ dominant allele(s) present in the parent(s).
a) four
b) two
c) ten
d) one

Gel electrophoresis is a technique used to _____.
a) clone
b) cut DNA into fragments of various sizes
c) inject foreign DNA into animals
d) separate DNA by charge and length

An adaptation that allows an organism to blend into it's environment is _____.
a) magic
b) mimicry
c) artificial selection
d) camouflage

Cells containing two alleles for each trait are described as _____.
a) diploid
b) heterozygous
c) homozygous
d) haploid

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