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The pairing of ____ in DNA is the key feature that allows DNA to be copied.
a) codons
b) nitrogen bases
c) sperm and egg
d) zombies

In respiration, the final electron acceptor in the electron transport chain is ____.
a) water
b) ATP
c) there are no electrons
d) oxygen

Evolution from a common ancestor is __________.
a) divergent
b) convergent
c) hunger games
d) vestigial

The science of grouping and naming organisms is _____.
a) binomial nomenclature
b) classification
c) phylogeny
d) taxonomy

Because the gene for red-green color blindness is located on the X chromosome, it is normally not possible for a _____.
a) carrier mother to pass the gene on to her son
b) color blind father to pass the gene on to his son
c) carrier mother to pass the gene on to her daughter
d) color blind father to pass the gene on to his daughter

The backbone of a DNA molecule is made of which two components?
a) ribose and nitrogen
b) deoxyphosphate and deoxyribose sugar
c) phosphate and deoxyribose sugar
d) vinegar and baking soda

Natural selection can best be defined as ______.
a) survival and reproduction of the biggest and strongest
b) survival and reproduction of the smallest and weakest
c) survival and reproduction of animals with the most popuation
d) survival and reproduction of the organisms that are genetically best adapted to the environment

Translation takes place at what part of the cell?
a) nucleus
b) mitochondria
c) ribosomes
d) vacuoles

How can two healthy parents produce a child that has a recessive disorder?
a) This is not genetic
b) Frameshift mutation
c) Both parents are carriers of the recessive trait
d) The doctor misdiagnosed the child

In meiosis, the way in which a chromosome separates does not affect the way other pairs separates is expressing Mendel's law of ____.
a) dominance
b) segregation
c) gravity
d) independent assortment

An application of using DNA technology to help environmental scientists would be_______.
a) analyze crime scenes and take DNA evidence
b) make transgenic bacteria that can clean up oil spills
c) clone the gene for human growth hormone to treat pituitary dwarfism
d) create a tobacco plant that glows in the dark

A dog's phenotype can be determined by _______.
a) mating the dog and studying offspring characteristics
b) looking at the dog's parents
c) taking the dog home as a new pet
d) looking at the dog

A DNA segment is changed from -AATTAGAAATAG- to -ATTAGAAATAG-. This is _____
a) frameshift mutation
b) replication
c) translation
d) point mutation

Which one of the following nucleotide pair bonds would be found in a DNA molecule?
a) adenine-cytosine
b) cytosine-uracil
c) guanine-cytosine
d) adenine-guanine

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