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Which system is most closely associated with the brain
a) nervous
b) muscular
c) circulatory
d) respiratory

Which body systems work together to allow the body to move?
a) nervous and skeletal
b) muscular and skeletal
c) nervous and circulatory
d) muscular and circulatory

Which best describes the purpose of the skeletal system?
a) it connects bones and muscles together
b) it connects the organs of the body to the brain
c) it provides support for the body and protects organs
d) it provides energy to the bones and muscles so they can move

What do the muscular system and skeletal system have in common?
a) both systems protect the brain
b) both systems pump blood to the body
c) both systems are made up of soft material
d) both systems assist the body with movement

Which is most directly connected to the circulatory system?
a) nose
b) lungs
c) mouth
d) trachea

Why is the digestive system so important for the human body?
a) it circulates blood to all of the organs
b) it moves oxygen through the lungs and into the blood
c) it carries away waste products from the place they are created
d) it breaks food into nutrients and moves the nutrients into the blood

Why is the respiratory system so important?
a) it controls breathing and gas exchange in the body
b) it controls digestion and absorption of nutrients in the body
c) it controls heartbeat and blood circulation throughout the body
d) it controls internal body temperature and cools the body through sweat

How does the circulatory system work with the digestive system?
a) blood is used to build muscle strength
b) food is broken down in the bloodstream
c) blood carries nutrients throughout the body
d) food waste is filtered by the heart and blood vessels

Which system is responsible for creating red blood cells?
a) skeletal
b) nervous
c) muscular
d) circulatory

When someone is exercising, which is most likely a function of both the circulatory and respiratory system?
a) to help the body sweat
b) to make the muscles work
c) to provide oxygen to the body
d) to protect the bones from breaking

Which major body system breaks down food to release nutrients needed for energy production?
a) digestive
b) muscular
c) respiratory
d) cardiovascular

What role does the circulatory system provide to the digestive system?
a) it transports nutrients to cells
b) it releases waste into the blood
c) it moves food through the intestines
d) it transfers food particles to the muscles

Which body system is responsible for supplying the body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide?
a) nervous
b) digestive
c) muscular
d) respiratory

Which best describes the system that provides transportation for cell necessities using the bloodstream?
a) muscular system
b) circulatory system
c) respiratory system
d) cardiovascular system

Which is a cardiovascular muscle?
a) lung
b) heart
c) stomach
d) diaphragm

Which describes a task performed by the circulatory system?
a) sending messages to the brain
b) controlling muscles movement
c) transporting waste materials
d) producing energy from foods

How does the muscular system depend on the nervous system?
a) the nervous system transport blood to the muscles
b) the nervous system provides support for the muscles
c) the nervous system supplies food and oxygen to the muscles
d) the nervous system sends signals to the muscles to cause movement

In which systems does the heart work to move blood throughout the body?
a) digestive system
b) muscular system
c) respiratory system
d) cardiovascular system

Which best describes the relationship between the cardiovascular system and the muscular system?
a) the cardiovascular system captures carbon dioxide from the air for muscle energy
b) the cardiovascular system produces red blood cells to bring oxygen to muscles
c) the cardiovascular system provides a framework for muscle movement
d) the cardiovascular system delivers oxygen for muscle energy

Which best describes how the muscular system impacts movement of the human body?
a) when a muscle expands, it pulls on the bone it is connected to and the bone moves
b) when a muscles contracts, it pulls on the bone it is connected to and the bone moves
c) when a muscle contracts, it pushes on the bone it is connected to and the bone moves
d) when a muscle expands, it pushed on the bone it is connected to and the bone moves

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