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Who is the main character?
a) Charlotte
b) Mr. Grummage
c) Mr. Fisk
d) Ms. Weed

Why did Charlotte stay behind at the Barrington School for Better Girls?
a) Her family was sick.
b) It was time for final exams.
c) She was in the middle of the school year.
d) She didn't want to leave her boyfriend.

What city did Charlotte travel to in order to board ship?
a) London
b) Liverpool
c) Lynchburg
d) Providence

Charlotte needed help finding someone to....
a) Pay her fee for the ship voyage.
b) Hire a coach for her to return home.
c) Hire a maid to care for her on the ship.
d) Hire someone to carry her trunk to the ship.

Charlotte is dismayed to learn that...
a) ....the planned chaperones won't be on the ship with her.
b) Her teacher won't come on the ship with her after all.
c) The sailors are not experienced and the trip will be dangerous.
d) The captain is very ill.

The name of Captain Jaggery causes others to...
a) ...sign up to work on his ship because he is a favorite captain.
b) ...drop their items and leave in fear.
c) ....recommend the Seahawk to others.

Charlotte believes that Captain Jaggery....
a) a fine gentleman.
b) an inexperienced captain.
c) afraid of his sailors.
d) ....wants a bigger ship to control.

Zachariah gives Charlotte....
a) ...a cinnamon roll and tea.
b) ...a gun.
c) ....shrimp and hush puppies.
d) ...a dirk.

Zachariah tries to warn Charlotte that....
a) Mr. Grummage will steal her trunk.
b) Captain Jaggery won't take her to America and her family.
c) Captain Jaggery is not the gentleman that he seems.
d) Mr. Grummage has sold her into servitude.

Captain Jaggery....
a) offers Charlotte a gun.
b) advises Charlotte to keep the dirk.
c) offers Charlotte some shrimp and lobster.
d) steals the dirk from Charlotte.

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