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the narrator is NOT a character in the story but knows the thoughts and feelings of more than one character
a) 1st person omniscient
b) 3rd person limited
c) 1st person limited
d) 3rd person omniscient

the narrator is NOT a character in the story but knows and shares the thoughts and ideas of one character. Uses pronouns he, she, it, they
a) 1st person limited
b) 1st person omniscient
c) 3rd person limited
d) 3rd person omniscient

who is telling the story
a) narrator
b) narrative
c) teller of story
d) point of view

the narrator is a character in the story and is telling the story in his or her own words. Uses pronouns I, me, we, us
a) 3rd person omniscient
b) first person
c) second person
d) third person limited

A short work of nonfiction that deals with a single subject
a) Prose
b) Essay
c) Literature
d) Novel

the universal truth about life that the story conveys (special message from author)
a) central idea
b) author's purpose
c) theme
d) main lesson

build-up of suspense occurring between the main conflict and climax
a) rising action
b) main conflict
c) climax
d) falling action

the story is brought to a close
a) exposition
b) falling action
c) resolve
d) resolution

What day is your test?
a) Thursday
b) Tuesday
c) Wednesday
d) Friday

What resource do you have to study for your test at home?
a) this website
b) our class quizlet account
c) my yellow lit. terms packet
d) All of the above

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