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struggle between two opposing forces
a) internal conflict
b) external conflict
c) conflict
d) struggle

struggle with an outside force
a) external conflict
b) internal conflict
c) big problem
d) I got one last problem without cha

voice that relates the details of the story; teller of story
a) point of view
b) narrator
c) first person
d) third person limited

someone or something that is against the protagonist
a) bully
b) antagonist
c) bad guy
d) antagonize

time and place of story
a) exposition
b) expose
c) protagonist
d) setting

main character in story who faces a conflict
a) main character
b) minor character
c) antagonist
d) protagonist

struggle within a character
a) conflict
b) external conflict
c) internal conflict
d) struggle

narrative that is longer than a short story and develops the characters and plot more completely than a short story
a) Novel
b) Literature
c) Prose
d) Fiction

methods used to present the personality traits of a character in a narrative
a) character traits
b) personality
c) characterization
d) characters

a reasonable conclusion based on certain clues or facts presented in a story
a) Central Idea
b) Summarize
c) Inference
d) Context Clues

the people, animals, and imaginary creatures that take part in the action of the story
a) Protagonist
b) Characters
c) Antagonist
d) Main Characters

hints or suggestions that surround unfamiliar words or phrases and clarify their meaning
a) Context clues
b) Inference
c) Vocabulary
d) Central Idea

the specific reason a person has for writing: the goal of the writing
a) persuade
b) inform
c) entertain
d) author's purpose

narrative prose fiction that is shorter and has a less complicated plot and/or character development than a novel. It can usually be read in one sitting.
a) Short Story
b) Author's Purpose
c) Characterization
d) Prose

any literature that is written in paragraph form
a) Literature
b) Short Story
c) Paragraph
d) Prose

writing in either poetry or prose
a) Prose
b) Literature
c) Poetry
d) Language

the wrap-up of loose ends
a) falling action
b) resolution
c) climax
d) rising action

author reveals setting, characters and mood of story
a) rising action
b) exposition
c) plot
d) climax

the solution to the main conflict
a) rising action
b) conflict
c) falling action
d) climax

the sequence of events in a story
a) plot line
b) plot map
c) plot
d) exposition

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