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What type of protist moves with a flagella?
a) Euglena
b) Ameoba
c) Paramecium
d) Slime Mold

What structure allows the paramecium to take in food?
a) Cilia
b) Oral Groove
c) Pseudopods
d) Gullet

What structure does the paramecium use to digest food?
a) Vacuole
b) Chloroplast
c) Gullet
d) Contractile Vacuole

What is another name for false feet?
a) Cilia
b) Psuedopods
c) Vacuole
d) Eyespot

What structure is used to detect light?
a) Cilia
b) Eyespot
c) Flagella
d) Contractile Vacuole

Fungi are different from plants because
a) They live in different environments
b) They use the sun in a different way
c) They cannot make their own food
d) They have chlorophyl not chloroplast

List some foods made with bacteria
a) Milk
b) Eggs
c) Sour Cream
d) Deoderant

How are protist classified
a) According to the way they eat
b) According to the way they move
c) According to their color
d) According to their living environment

Organisms that make their own food
a) Producers
b) Consumers
c) Heterotrophs
d) Omnivores

Who was the first to classify Animals?
a) Carolus Linneus
b) Arcamedes
c) Aristotle
d) James Watson

What is the largest classfication category?
a) Kingdom
b) Phylum
c) Order
d) Domain

An organism that feeds off another organism in a symbiotic relationship and causes harm.
a) Host
b) Ameoba
c) Parasite
d) Consumer

An organism that feeds off of dead and decaying organisms
a) Fungi
b) Archeabacteria
c) Plants
d) Fish

The two parts of the scientific names used in classification
a) Domain and Kindom
b) Kindom and Phylum
c) Order and Genus
d) Genus and Species

What the study of classification?
a) Biology
b) Ecology
c) Taxonomy
d) Zoology

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