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Largest Island in Japan is
a) Honshu
b) Everest
c) Fuji
d) Kanto

Japan is the size of
a) Florida
b) Rhode Island
c) Texas
d) California

First powerful rulers were from the clan ....
a) Yamato
b) Yayoi
c) Fuji
d) Jomo

70 % of Japan's land is....
a) lake
b) hills and mts.
c) desert
d) snow covered

What colors are on Japan's flag
a) red and yellow
b) white and blue
c) red and white
d) white and yellow

Economy in Japan based off..
a) manufacturing
b) fish
c) rice
d) gold

What US Navy Commodore established trade with Japan?
a) Washington
b) Perry
c) Lincoln
d) Bush

Who is a warrior chief?
a) samurai
b) noble
c) warlord
d) shogun

What did Japan bomb in 1941?
a) Pearl Harbor
b) Washington DC
c) San Diego
d) Fort Gordon

What city got the atomic bomb dropped on it?
a) Hiroshima
b) Tokoyo
c) Honshu
d) Nepal

According to folklore, what cause earthquakes?
a) catfish
b) lions
c) bears
d) carp

Name the highest Mt. in Japan
a) Mt. Fuji
b) Mt. Honshu
c) Mt. Everest
d) Mt. Kakido

Japan has about how many active volcanoes
a) 60
b) 5
c) 250
d) 150

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