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Which best describes Conduction
a) Touch
b) Hot fluids rise, cool fluids sink
c) waves
d) thermal energy

Which best describes Convection
a) Touch
b) Hot fluids rise, cool fluids sink
c) Waves
d) Thermal Energy

Which best describes Radiant Heat
a) Touch
b) Hot fluids rise, cool fluids sink
c) Waves
d) Thermal Energy

What type of energy have we been studying this week?
a) Chemical Energy
b) Light Energy
c) Thermal Energy
d) Nuclear Energy

Heat Energy can do which of the following?
a) Keep things warm
b) Do work
c) Make engines run
d) All of the above

Which of the following is not a way by which heat can be transferred
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Conversation
d) Radiant

Which of the following describes the formation of air convection currents?
a) Molecules in cool air move faster and farther apart than warm air
b) Cooler air moves in over warm air and pushes it down
c) The sun warms the land, which heats the air above it
d) All of the above

What is the difference between heat and temperature?
a) Temperature measures the motion of molecules and heat is the energy of that motion
b) Temperature is measured by a thermometer and heat is measured by a barometer
c) Heat is measured in calories and temperature is measured in Joules
d) Heat is caused by the sun, and temperature is caused by conditions in the atmosphere

Which takes up the most space if you have the same steel cube?
a) When the steel cube is at absolute zero
b) When the steel cube is at 0 degrees Celsius
c) When the steel cube is at 50 degrees Celsius
d) When the steel cube is at 100 degrees Celsius

Why is there more heat in an iceberg than in a pot of boiling water?
a) The pot insulates the heated molecules
b) Most icebergs are fairly warm to the touch
c) Icebergs contain many more molecules than pots of water
d) Water does not hold heat very well

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