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Evidence shows that early horse species were much smaller than the modernday horse. Which best explains the evolutionary changes in the horse?
a) Smaller horses were better able to escape predators.
b) Larger horses were better able to find and collect food.
c) Horses increased in size due to an expansion of habitat areas.
d) Horses increased in size so that humans could use them for transportation.

Which is true concerning how fossils are used as evidence?
a) Fossils cannot be compared to one another but can be compared to living organisms.
b) Fossils can be compared to one another but not to living organisms.
c) Fossils cannot be compared to one another or to living organisms.
d) Fossils can be compared to one another and to living organisms.

Which statement is true?
a) Evidence drawn from comparative anatomy helps form the basis only for the theory of evolution.
b) Evidence drawn from comparative anatomy helps form the basis only for biological classification systems.
c) Evidence drawn from comparative anatomy helps form the basis for biological classification systems and the theory of evolutio
d) Evidence drawn from comparative anatomy helps form the basis for neither biological classification systems, nor the theory of

Which is a potential hazard involved in transporting petroleum for energy production worldwide?
a) oil spills
b) air pollution
c) deforestation
d) radiation pollution

There are 13 species of Galapagos finches with 13 varieties of beaks. When a drought affected the Galapagos Islands in 1977, seeds became scarce. Some finch species survived while other finch populations decreased. Which is the most likely explanatio
a) Finches with less colorful beaks were able to easily hide from predators.
b) Finches with smaller beaks were able to change their diet to eat soft fruits.
c) Finches with more colorful beaks had a greater chance to mate and produce offspring.
d) Finches with beaks that were able to eat the types of seeds that survived, were more likely able to survive and reproduce.

Which method of obtaining energy has the most negative impact on the hydrosphere?
a) cutting down trees
b) mining for coal and oil
c) building dams
d) constructing solar panels

Which best identifies a major consequence of wind power farms?
a) human health affects
b) harm to bird and bat populations
c) ground water contamination
d) soil contamination

Several samples of elements are placed on a lab table for students to observe. In his laboratory report, Jonathan records, “Sample 1 is a shiny wire.” Which element is most likely sample 1?
a) bromine (Br)
b) hydrogen (H)
c) oxygen (O)
d) Copper (Cu)

Why are fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), and iodine (I) in the same group of the periodic table?
a) They have similar atomic masses.
b) They have similar physical properties.
c) They have similar boiling and melting points.
d) They have similar reactions with other elements.

Which is most helpful in determining the relative ages of rock layers?
a) uranium
b) Carbon-14
c) index fossils
d) radioactive dating

Skeletal structures are common between 2 animals of different species. These structures probably exist because both species...
a) have a common food source
b) share a common ancestor
c) live in the same environment
d) have survived until the present time

A balanced equation has...
a) the same number of molecules on both sides of the equation.
b) the same kinds of molecules on both sides of the equation.
c) the same number of each kind of atom on both sides of the equation.
d) all of the above

The law of conservation of mass means that
a) atoms are not lost or destroyed in a chemical reaction.
b) the mass of a newly formed compound cannot be changed.
c) in burning, part of the mass must be converted into fire in order for mass to be conserved.
d) D) molecules cannot be broken apart because this would result in less mass.

A(n) __ is a substance that reacts with another substance in a chemical reaction.
a) reactant
b) product
c) osmosis
d) isotope

A(n) __ is a substance that is produced during a chemical reaction.
a) reactant
b) isotope
c) product
d) diffusion

In a chemical reaction, the mass of the products always __ the mass of the reactants.
a) equals
b) differs
c) resembles
d) mimics

If a chemical reaction begins with 12 atoms of Carbon, how many atoms of Carbon must be present in the products?
a) 24
b) 6
c) 12
d) 0

If a chemical reaction begins with 24g of Zn and 10g of O2, what should the mass be of the products?
a) 34g
b) 24g
c) 10g
d) 14g

After a chemical reaction has taken place, the products have less mass than the reactants. What is the most likely reason for this?
a) the chemical reaction occurred in a closed system
b) the chemical reaction occured in a sealed container
c) a gas was created and escaped into the atmosphere because it happened in an open system
d) not enough information to determine

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