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Health department officials are trying to identify the source of an outbreak of an intestinal virus. Which is the most likely source of the virus?
a) polluted air
b) lack of exercise
c) contaminated water
d) poor nutritional habits

Which best compares bacteria and viruses?
a) Bacteria are smaller than viruses.
b) Bacteria are living organisms, but viruses are not.
c) Bacteria cause disease, but viruses do not.
d) Bacteria have genetic material, but viruses do not.

Humans occasionally become infected with common colds and flu after flying on crowded airplanes. Which microscopic biological hazard is most likely responsible?
a) foodborne bacteria
b) environmental mutagens
c) vectorborne parasites
d) airborne contagions

Why are viruses considered to be nonliving organisms?
a) They are not able to reproduce without a host cell.
b) They do not interact with their environment.
c) They are not able to move on their own.
d) They do not have genetic information.

Which pair correctly matches a vector and the infectious disease it carries?
a) human – influenza
b) opossum – rabies
c) mosquito – malaria
d) flea – Lyme disease

A recreational lake experiences eutrophication because of excess nutrients. Based on this information, how would the recreational lake most likely appear?
a) clear and blue
b) oily and greasy
c) murky and full of algae
d) orange and rustcolored

Lyme disease is spread by ticks and people affected with Lyme disease often exhibit a rash and symptoms similar to the flu. Which is the cause of Lyme disease?
a) a virus
b) a toxin
c) a fungus
d) a bacterium

The bacteria that causes bubonic plague is transmitted to humans by fleas. Which term best describes the role of the fleas in transmitting bubonic plague?
a) decomposer
b) parasite
c) vector
d) pathogen

Which makes it possible for a person who has recovered from a cold to catch another cold?
a) A cold is a viral infection with many different strains.
b) A cold is a bacterial infection that remains active in the body.
c) A cold is a bacterial infection present only during the winter months.
d) A cold is a viral infection that remains active until treated with antibiotics.

Which aspect of fertilizer pollution would have the greatest negative impact on an aquatic ecosystem?
a) Nitrates poison the water that fish breathe through their gills.
b) Microorganisms in the water absorb all the oxygen, suffocating animals.
c) Aquatic animals increase, adding producers to the food chain and feeding fish.
d) Algal blooms deplete the oxygen and block the sunlight from penetrating a body of water.

When wood is burned, it is changed into ash and carbon is released into the atmosphere as smoke. If 2 kg of wood were burned, how much ash would result?
a) exactly 2 kg because mass is conserved in this system
b) less than 2 kg because some of the mass is lost as gas
c) greater than 2 kg because carbon is added to the system
d) about 2 kg because some carbon escapes the system and some ash is added

Which form of energy production creates the most air pollution?
a) hydroelectric
b) nuclear
c) coal
d) solar

Which is most likely a consequence of using wind farms for energy production?
a) air pollution
b) overuse of metal resources
c) disruption of bird migrations
d) increased weathering and erosion

Why are the noble gases such as helium (He) and neon (Ne) grouped together in the periodic table?
a) They are nonreactive gases.
b) They are highly reactive metallic solids.
c) They are dangerous gases when combined with water.
d) They are liquid at room temperature and have high boiling points.

In which group are the most reactive metals located?
a) Group 18 (VIIIA)
b) Group 17 (VIIA)
c) Group 1 (IA)
d) Group 2 (IIA)

Which is an anatomical similarity that indicates relatedness between two species?
a) the tail of a fish and the tail of a monkey
b) the arm of a human and the wing of a bird
c) the wing of a butterfly and the wing of a bat
d) the flipper of a dolphin and the fin of a shark

If significant amounts of fossil fuels continue to be used to support energy needs, what will be a negative impact for our planet?
a) decreased oxygen levels, leading to lower air quality
b) increased air pollution, leading to better human health
c) decreased water quality, leading to increases in marine diversity
d) increased levels of carbon dioxide, leading to warmer global climates

Which process starts the release of energy from food molecules for use in animals?
a) digestion
b) ingestion
c) respiration
d) photosynthesis

Which two elements are most likely ductile?
a) C and P
b) Zn and N
c) Si and Ne
d) Au and Ag

Which is the most exact method of determining the age of geologic features?
a) relative dating
b) absolute dating
c) analyzing ice cores
d) comparing fossils to living organisms

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