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This sailor was sent by the king of France to find the Northwest Passage. He never found the passage, but he made France’s first land claim in North America. He also named the St. Lawrence River.
a) Jacques Cartier
b) Robert de La Salle
c) John Cabot
d) Henry Hudson

This Spanish nobleman who was mistaken as a God, conquered the Aztec Empire, renaming the land New Spain (land that is now central Mexico).
a) Juan Ponce de Leon
b) Hernan Cortes
c) Jacques Cartier
d) Christopher Columbus

This Spanish soldier led an expedition in search of the mythical “fountain of youth.” He never found the magical waters. Instead, he found an island called Bimini in 1513 and the land of Florida.
a) Juan Ponce de Leon
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Francisco Coronado
d) Hernan Cortes

This explorer was an Italian merchant that explored for a year (1497) and convinced sponsors in England to support him as he looked for a new trade route to Asia. He never found the trade route, but he did explore Canada and claimed it for England
a) John Cabot
b) Rober de La Salle
c) Marquette and Jolliet
d) Jacques Cartier

This French nobleman financed his own expedition up and down the Mississippi River Valley. He claimed the entire river valley for France.
a) Francisco Coronado
b) Robert de La Salle
c) John Cabot
d) Henry Hudson

This explorer convinced the rulers of Spain that Asia could be reached faster by sailing west from Europe. Although he thought he had reached Asia, he actually made the first European land claims for Spain in the New World in the 1490’s.
a) Christopher C0lumbus
b) Juan Ponce de Leon
c) John Cabot
d) Jacques Cartier

This Spanish nobleman gave Spain a claim to what is now the southwestern United States and went in search of a city of gold.
a) Francisco Coronado
b) RObert de la Salle
c) John Cabot
d) Christopher Columbus

What is the name of the shortcut from Europe to Asia through North America that many explorers searched for but never found?
a) West Indies Passage
b) New World Passage
c) Northwest Passage
d) Southwest Passage

Which of the following areas was not explored during this Age of Exploration?
a) the area known as Florida
b) the east coast of Canada
c) Mexico and the southwest United States
d) the Pacific Ocean and west coast

Which of these was an impact of Christopher Columbus’s discovery and exploration of America?
a) European countries decided to stop sending explorers to the New World.
b) Europeans refused to claim for themselves the new lands they discovered.
c) Native people were mistreated
d) The compass was invented

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