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Andrew Carnegie made his fortune in this business:
a) investment banking
b) oil
c) publishing
d) steel

Which of the following statements is TRUE about business in the late 1800's?
a) Business leaders encouraged competition.
b) Large corporations forced many smaller businesses to close.
c) Investors were unwilling to lend money to corporations.
d) The government took over many failing businesses.

Which inventor is INCORRECTLY paired with his invention?
a) Alexander Graham Bell-telephone
b) Elijah McCoy-oil cup for engines
c) Thomas Edison-automobile
d) George Eastman-lightweight camera

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire led to:
a) the jailing of many union leaders
b) new factory safety laws
c) the Pullman strike
d) laws forbidding child labor

Inventions helped industry because they:
a) helped workers earn more
b) ended competition
c) made it more efficient
d) encouraged railroads to offer rebates

Mass production of automobiles was made possible largely because of the introduction of the:
a) the assembly line.
b) steel engines.
c) organized labor.
d) the double shift workday.

In the 1870's and the 1880's most Americans believed that:
a) striking workers did not deserve sympathy
b) labor unions should be strongly supported
c) the AFL was the best union
d) striking workers should receive higher pay

Protestant immigrants arriving in America from England, Germany, Ireland, and Scandinavian countries were referred to as
a) New Immigrants
b) Old Immigrants
c) Angel Island Immigrants
d) Ellis Island Immigrants

Novel written by Upton Sinclair which exposed the horrible conditions of Chicago's meatpacking industry.
a) The Jungle
b) New York World
c) Grapes of Wrath
d) Cracker

He was awarded the patent for the telephone in 1876.
a) John D. Rockefeller
b) Thomas Edison
c) Samuel Gompers
d) Alexander G. Bell

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