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. India's population is now
a) Over a billion.
b) Smaller than Pakistan’s
c) Near a million.
d) . the same as that of the U.S

. Bangladesh can accurately be described as a country that
a) . has a diversified economy
b) . contains rich mineral deposits in the delta region.
c) suffers from poverty, overpopulation, and flooding
d) . includes large areas of light population.

The presence of a mosque in the United States is an example of how a country’s culture can be modified through —
a) cultural assimilation
b) cultural divergence
c) cultural imperialism
d) . cultural diffusion

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share a common belief in
a) . nirvana
b) monotheism
c) reincarnation
d) animism

The Middle East is considered a single cultural region by most geographers because—
a) . It has warm, dry climate
b) Fertile river valleys
c) . It has many deserts and mount areas
d) Its people share a common history and heritage

Which two regions on a map are most often linked because of their common language, religion, and cultural traditions?
a) The Sahara Desert and Europe
b) . Europe and North Africa
c) North Africa and the Middle East
d) Europe and the Middle East

The Bantu Migration spread language and new technologies around Africa. This is an example of
a) Colonization
b) Brain Drain
c) Desertification
d) Diffusion

Which of the following products is mainly being used to fund bloody civil wars across Africa?
a) lumber
b) diamonds
c) gold
d) infrastructure

. What is the main purpose of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)?
a) It provides economic assistance to member countries through loans.
b) . It controls the global distribution and price of a natural resource.
c) . It offers military support to threatened member countries
d) . It stores reserves of a natural resource.

Much of the Middle East is a desert. A study of the population distribution of the Middle East would show that most people—
a) . live near fresh water supplies
b) inhabit mountainous areas
c) live in the center of the desert
d) . are evenly distributed throughout the region

The constitution of which country is most directly influenced by the religion of Islam?
a) France
b) Slovenia
c) . Iran
d) . China

Two major reasons that Saudi Arabia is important to many people around the world are
a) . its economic equality and large universities
b) . its free markets and commercial agriculture
c) . its religious sites and oil resources
d) . its armed forces and modern cities

. Which of these areas has been severely damaged as a result of drilling for oil?
a) The Niger River Delta
b) The Sahara
c) The Ethiopian Plateau
d) Lake Nasser

Who first formulated the philosophy of communism?
a) Mikhail Gorbachev
b) Karl Marx
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Jimmy Carter

A peasant in West Africa and a rice farmer in the Philippines both practice subsistence agriculture because they
a) Grow surplus crops for export
b) Produce crops mainly for their families’ own use
c) Work on large state-owned farms
d) Rely on the use of slave labor for the production of crops

Which of the following describes the mass killing of a single ethnic group?
a) Homicide
b) Genocide
c) Pandemic
d) Brain Drain

. Which of the following is the largest desert in the world?
a) Kalahari
b) Sahara
c) Namib
d) Gobi

Which of these best states the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
a) Stop civil war in Africa
b) Divide Africa among ethnic groups
c) Divide Africa among European nations
d) Bring together African and European rulers

. Which of these describes the process known as the brain drain?
a) . the departure of native African professionals to Western countries
b) the destruction of public schools due to civil wars
c) the fact that female students have increased their education
d) . the decrease of educated people due to AIDS

An economy where the central government makes all the decisions about a countries economic policies is called a –
a) Command Economy
b) Labor Economy
c) Traditional Economy
d) Market Economy

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