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What is the standard NTFS permission needed to change attributes of a NTFS folder?
a) Write
b) Read
c) Modify
d) Fully Control

Which permission takes precedence?
a) Explicit deny
b) Explicit allow
c) Inherited deny
d) Inherited allow

Which of the following is NOT a share permission?
a) Full Control
b) Write
c) Change
d) Read

TCP/IP printers use port _______
a) 443
b) 23
c) 9100
d) 3000

What is a single virtual printer with a single print queue that consist of two or more printers?
a) Print collection
b) Direct printer
c) Printer groups
d) Printer pool

What symbol makes an administrative share not seen when browsed?
a) #
b) *
c) !
d) $

When enabling Internet Printing, you need to install ___________.
a) DFS
b) IIS
c) GPO Manager
d) Task Manager

What is the minimum share permission that allows you to change file and folder permissions?
a) Full Control
b) Change
c) Read
d) Manage

When you copy files from one folder to another folder within the same volume, you get the ____________.
a) same permissions as the source
b) same permissions as the target
c) no permissions are set
d) everyone has full permissions

You are an administrator on a computer. Unfortunately, there is a folder that you cannot access because you do not have permissions to the folder. What can you do?
a) Take ownership of the folder
b) Delete the folder and recreate it
c) Turn off the deny attribute
d) Grant the allow everyone full permission

If full control is assigned to a parent object for a user, the full control permission will overwrite explicit permissions at a child object.
a) True
b) False

To see who accesses a file over time, you only have to turn on object access audit events.
a) True
b) False

When you are looking at NTFS permissions that are grayed out, it means that you don’t have the permissions needed to modify the NTFS permissions.
a) False
b) True

You can encrypt and compress a file within NTFS at the same time.
a) True
b) False

When calculating the NTFS and share permissions, you would apply the more restrictive permissions between the NTFS and shared permission.
a) True
b) False

What is used to grant access to objects such as NTFS files or Active Directory user accounts?
a) Right
b) Permission
c) Certificate
d) Template

Permissions assigned to an NTFS file are stored in a ______.
a) certificate
b) template
c) ACL
d) group

What is the minimum permission needed to change the attributes of a file?
a) Full Control
b) Modify
c) Read and Execute
d) Write

What is the minimum permission needed to take ownership of a file or folder?
a) Full Control
b) Modify
c) Read and execute
d) Write

What permissions are directly assigned to a file or folder?
a) explicit permissions
b) inherited permisions
c) assigned permissions
d) booted permissions

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