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You typically use ____________ to remotely connect and manage a server, which allows you to run programs directly on the desktop.
a) remote app
b) remote desktop
c) control center
d) Server Controller

A __________ is a point in time image of a virtual machine that you can return to.
a) Snapchat
b) screenshot
c) #selfie
d) snapshot

____ is the most widely used digital certificate.
a) birth certificate
b) x505
c) c509
d) x509

Microsoft’s newest virtual machine technology is _________.
a) VMT
b) Hyper-V
c) Lazy-E
d) TMZ

HTTPS uses port ____.
a) 443
b) 334
c) 434
d) 343

In IIS, a __________________ is a directory used in a Web site that corresponds to a physical directory elsewhere on the server, on another server, or on a Web site.
a) logical directory
b) active directory
c) virtual directory
d) physical directory

The predominant markup language for web pages is _______________.
a) Code
b) English
c) WWW
d) hypertext markup language

Microsoft’s web server is known as ___.
a) IIS
b) FTP
c) DNS

The ____ is a system of interlinked hypertext documents known as web pages that are browsed with a web browser.
b) WWW
c) ABC
d) cluster

__________________ is a special mode of Remote Desktop Services that allows you to run an application in its own window.
a) Safe mode
b) Remote control
c) Remote app
d) RDS

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