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Where did William Shakespeare go to college?
a) Cambridge
b) Shakespeare did not attend college.
c) Oxford
d) The University of Verona

With which of the following theaters is William Shakespeare most associated?
a) the King's Men
b) the Apollo
c) the Globe
d) Stratford-upon-Avon

By agreeing to Friar Laurence's risky plan for her to fake her own death, Juliet demonstrates her
a) determination and independent nature.
b) ability to recognize danger.
c) foolishness.
d) obedience to her parents.

The plot of Romeo and Juliet reaches its climax when
a) Romeo and Juliet die.
b) Mercutio is killed.
c) Tybalt is killed.
d) Paris dies.

When Juliet rejects the idea of marrying Paris, Capulet becomes angry because
a) he knows that Juliet and Romeo have secretly married and wants Juliet to confess.
b) Lady Capulet has allowed their daughter to have her own way too often.
c) Paris is a suitable husband for Juliet, and daughters in this time did not defy their parents.
d) Lady Capulet opposes her husband's plans for their daughter.

Romeo's closest friend and adviser is Friar Laurence, while Juliet's most trusted confidante is
a) Tybalt.
b) the Nurse.
c) Benvolio.
d) Paris.

In Act III, why does Romeo initially refuse to fight Tybalt?
a) Mercutio urges Romeo not to lower himself to Tybalt's level.
b) Tybalt is not looking for a fight.
c) After marrying Juliet, Romeo views Tybalt as a kinsman.
d) Juliet has asked Romeo not to fight anymore.

Friar Laurence agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet because he believes that their marriage
a) will help Romeo forget about Rosaline.
b) may end tragically.
c) is just like other marriages between young people.
d) might bring peace to the feuding families.

Based on his actions in the play's first scene, at the Capulet party, and in Act III, Tybalt can best be described as
a) a cordial young man.
b) a quick-tempered fighter.
c) a predictable character.
d) a wicked person.

When Romeo calls Juliet the sun in the Balcony Scene, it is the first of many times that he will allude to the idea that she brings brightness wherever she goes. What effect do Romeo's statements have on the way he and readers view Juliet?
a) They make Juliet seem ordinary and attainable.
b) They make Juliet seem, like the sun and stars, wondrous and heavenly.
c) They make Juliet seem quirky and strange, someone whom Romeo does not understand.
d) They make Juliet seem friendly and likable, someone to whom Romeo can tell his problems.

The religious imagery that Romeo and Juliet use in their first meeting creates the impression that their love
a) will please the priest and the church.
b) is a forbidden love.
c) is as ordinary as the love of other couples.
d) is holy and better than the love of other couples.

In Act I, before Romeo meets Juliet, his mood is
a) annoyed.
b) downhearted.
c) high-spirited.
d) energetic.

How does the picture that Mercutio paints of Queen Mab in his speech change over the course of his soliloquy?
a) His picture of Queen Mab does not change.
b) Queen Mab becomes more likable and cute over the course of the speech.
c) Queen Mab becomes more unrealistic and phony over the course of the speech.
d) Queen Mab becomes more frightening and malevolent over the course of the speech.

Which best describes the major conflict of the play and its resolution?
a) The conflict is the fight between Mercutio and Tybalt; its resolution is Tybalt's slaying of Mercutio.
b) The conflict is the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets ; its resolution is the deaths of their children.
c) The conflict is the mistrust between Friar Laurence and the Nurse; its resolution is their attempts to assist the lovers.
d) The conflict is the love between Romeo and Juliet; its resolution is their forbidden marriage.

The Prologue in Romeo and Juliet serves to
a) announce the play's major conflict and resolution.
b) report what happens to the characters after the action of the play is completed.
c) list all of the characters in the play.
d) introduce the playwright to the audience.

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