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What behavior by the bird did the student most likely observe? The Beak: large, sharp, pointed; The feet: sharp, large talons; The wingspan: 75 centimeters.
a) eating grass
b) hunting for prey
c) photosynthesizing
d) being hunted by deer

Which of the following statements correctly describes a kingdom of Domain Eukarya?
a) Kingdom protista includes single-celled organisms that lack nuclei
b) Kingdom animalia includes multicellular organisms that make up their own food.
c) Kingdom plantae includes multicellular organisms that can move independently
d) Kingdom fungi includes organisms that get energy by decomposing materials in their environment.

A domain in the broadest level of taxonomic classification. Which of the following is a characteristic of Domain Archaea?
a) multicellular
b) undergo photosynthesis
c) membrane-bound organelles
d) able to tolerate extreme conditions

List of scientific names; Mammal 1: Canis mesomelas Mammal 2: Canis atrans Mammal 3: Canus lupus. What conclusion can you draw about the characterisitcs indicated about each mammal?
a) The organisms lack any shared DNA
b) The organisms belong to the same genus
c) The organisms do not have a common ancestor
d) The organism are members of Domain Archaea

Cells surface area is large in relation to its volume. This is an important feature for the transport of nutrients. Which of the 4 cells will be able to best supply nutrients? Cell A: 6:1=6 Cell B: 24:8=3 Cell C 54:27=2 Cell D: 96:64=1.5
a) Cell model A
b) Cell model B
c) Cell model C
d) Cell model D

Recent studies estimate that there are a total of 298,000 plant species on land. Of these, 28 percent are still undocumented. How many plant species on land have been documented. (HINT: first, divide by 100 then, multiply by 28 last, subtract)
a) 298,000
b) 2980
c) 214,560
d) 83440

There are four different levels of organization in the environment; species, ? , community, and ecosystem. What level is missing?
a) biome
b) populations
c) desert
d) characteristics

If you had a diagram showing various things that make up a pond, which things from the diagram would make up the pond community?
a) water, rocks, clouds, and air only
b) fish, ducks, turtles, frogs, crayfish, and insects only
c) grasses, cattail reeds, fish, ducks turtles, frogs, crayfish, and insects
d) grasses, cattail reeds, water, rocks, clouds, air, fish, ducks turtles, frogs, crayfish, and insects

Which of the following would be a biotic factor in the ecosystem?
a) fish
b) water
c) oxygen
d) small rocks

Which list gives the correct characteristics for prokaryotic or eukariotic cells?
a) Prokaryotic cells: single-celled, contain membrane bound ribosomes, have DNAin a nucleus.
b) Eukaryotic Cells: found only in single-celled organisms, have flagella, no nucleus.
c) Eukaryotic Cells: contain DNA in nucleus, include protists and fungi, contain membrane-bound ribosomes.
d) Prokaryotic Cells: DNA in cytoplasm, include membrane-bound organelles, found in all plants

A scientist finds a seashell. She wants to classify the shell. What two different characteristics would she examine to classify the seashell?
a) blood characteristics and naming chracteristics
b) chemical characteristics and DNA chracteristics
c) physical characteristics and chemical chracteristics
d) physical characteristics and environmental chracteristics

Eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells have some parts that are different. Which of the following would you find only in a eukaryotic cell?
a) a nucleus
b) a cell membrane
c) DNA in the cytoplasm
d) organelles without membranes

What is found in the center of a cell. It is also contained in a membrane-bound organelle.
a) DNA
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) membrane-bound organelle

Some organisms consist of one cell. Other organisms consist of multiple cells. Which of the following is true of cells in a multicellular organism?
a) All cells have the same function
b) Every cell has a different function
c) Different types of cells have the same function
d) Different types of cells have different functions

If you had to use a dichotomous key to determine the order to which a shark belongs and the order was Oretolobiformes. Then you had to determine the domain and kingdom. If the Domain is Eukarya what is the Kingdom?
a) Mammalia
b) Carnivora
c) Chordata
d) Animalia

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