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How Weather Comes About And The Factors That Influence It.[print questions]

Which of the following statements regarding altitude are true?
a) Areas that are low in altitude do not have cold weather because their air is so dense
b) Areas that are higher in altitude tend to be colder because the air is less dense
c) Areas that are higher in altitude have higher temperatures because they are closer to the Sun
d) Areas that are higher in altitude tend to be colder because less animals live there

How does latitude influence the climate of an area?
a) The closer to the equator, the colder it is; the closer to the poles, the hotter it is
b) The closer to the equator, the hotter it is; the closer to the poles, the colder it is
c) Latitude makes animals choose where they are going to live
d) Latitude only sometimes influences the climate of an area

The Coriolis effect would best be described as...
a) The curve of wind and ocean currents with Earth's rotation
b) The quickening of winds from the moon's gravity
c) The formation of hurricanes and tornadoes
d) The tilting of Earth as it rotates around the Sun

Humidity is...
a) How far up in the atmosphere something is
b) The amount of heat in the air
c) The speed that winds travel
d) The amount of water vapor present in the air

What air mass is the coldest?
a) Polar maritime
b) Polar continental
c) Arctic
d) Continental tropical

Which of the following is not a form of precipitation?
a) Ocean currents
b) Rain
c) Sleet
d) Hail

How is wind created?
a) The animals make it move by flapping their wings
b) Air moves between two areas of different air pressure
c) Oceans move up and down causing the air to move around
d) Earth spins and make the atmosphere move

The weather on a high pressure day is likely...
a) Warm and stormy
b) Cool and warm
c) Cool and calm
d) Stormy and calm

What instrument is used to measure air pressure?
a) altometer
b) thermometer
c) anemometer
d) barometer

When an area on one side of a mountain range experiences rain and the other side receives little rain, this is called?
a) The Coriolis Effect
b) Water Shadow Effect
c) The Rainman Effect
d) Rain Shadow Effect

What do greenhouse gases do?
a) They lower the temperature of the atmosphere by shoot out more of the Sun's energy
b) They build a greenhouse around Earth that makes plants grow more
c) They increase the density of the atmosphere and cause it to absorb more heat
d) They tear down trees and create pollution that kills animals

What weather will you likely find at any weather front?
a) Hot
b) Precipitation
c) Cold
d) Warm

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