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An island was formed by a volcano. The island is mainly made of which type of rock?
a) sedimentary
b) igneous
c) limestone
d) metamorphic

Which of the following is a mineral?
a) steel
b) wool
c) diamond
d) plastic

If the temperature is between 41F and 28F, which of the following types of precipitation MOST LIKELY occured?
a) sleet changing to hail
b) rain changing to sleet
c) snow changing to hail
d) snow changing to rain

Which of the following describes water changing from a liquid to a solid?
a) dew forming on grass
b) snow melting into a puddle
c) water evaporating from a pond
d) ice forming on a lake

Which of the following correctly describes the four planets closest to the sun and their moons?
a) mercury, moon, earth, mars with two moons
b) mercury, venus, earth, mars
c) mercury, venus, earth with one moon, mars with two moons
d) earth with one moon, mercury, mars with two moons, venus

Which of the following statements BEST explains how the decomposition of plant and animal matter helps to form richer soils?
a) Decomposition adds nutrients to the soil.
b) Decomposition adds silt to the soil.
c) Decomposition adds oxygen to the soil.
d) Decomposition adds water to the soil.

Which of the following statements best explains why a change in climate would have a greater effect on organisms than a change in weather?
a) A change in climate affects the number of daylight hours more than a change in weather does.
b) A change in climate affects an environment for a longer period of time than a change in weather does.
c) A change in climate causes more earthquakes than a change in weather does.
d) A change in climate causes clouds to form faster than a change in weather does.

Which of the following shows two bar magnets attracting?
a) SN
b) SS
c) NN
d) none of the above

Which part of a radio is designed to transform electrical energy into sound energy?
a) speaker
b) tuner
c) digital display
d) plastic case

A rock has many bands and was formed by compaction and cementation. Which type of rock is it?
a) metamorphic
b) sedimentary
c) igneous
d) none of the above

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