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Which of the following is an important function of the taproot of a dandelion?
a) to take in air for the plant
b) to produce seeds for the plant
c) to hold the plant in place
d) to protect the plant from insects

Which of the following statements describes an important difference between mushrooms and plants?
a) Mushrooms can grow in wet areas, but plants grow only in dry soil.
b) Mushrooms can grow in cold areas, but plants grow only in hot areas.
c) Mushrooms reproduce by spreading roots, but plants need insects to reproduce.
d) Mushrooms get energy from decomposing matter, but plants produce their own food.

A bird has just hatched from an egg. Which of the following stages MOST LIKELY comes next in the life cycle of the bird?
a) birth
b) death
c) growth
d) reproduction

One type of animal hatches from an egg, breathes through gills when it is young, and mainly lives on land as an adult. Into which group is this animal classified?
a) birds
b) amphibians
c) mammals
d) reptiles

During which stage of its life cycle does a butterfly spend the MOST time eating plant leaves?
a) adult
b) egg
c) pupa
d) larva

During which stage in its life cycle is a a mosquito able to mate and reproduce?
a) egg
b) larva
c) pupa
d) adult

Which of the following tools would MOST help a student identify a cube made of iron?
a) bar magnet
b) hot plate
c) ruler
d) magnifying lens

What form of energy makes a compass needle point north?
a) heat
b) electrical
c) magnetic
d) light

A student playing a guitar wanted to make it have a higher pitch. Which of the following will give the guitar a higher pitch?
a) using a thicker strings
b) tightening the strings
c) plucking the strings harder
d) lengthening the strings

Jamal has the following items: wires and a light bulb. Which of the following MUST Jamal also have to make an electrical circuit?
a) a switch
b) a power source
c) a bar magnet
d) a motor

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