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Bacteria reproduce asexually by a process called
a) Meiosis
b) Splitting in two
c) Replication
d) Binary fission

In binary fission how does the DNA of the daughter cells compare to the DNA of the parent cell?
a) It has the same similarities and some differences
b) It is only half of the amount of DNA found in the parent
c) It is identical
d) It is the mix of the parent's DNA

How many parents are required for asexual reproduction?
a) One
b) Six
c) Two
d) Four

In order to survive and reproduce, organisms need what type of traits?
a) Traits favorable for survival
b) Traits that make them the most attractive
c) Traits that make them the smartest
d) Traits like the parents

If organisms cannot adapt to changing environment conditions, what is likely to happen to the species?
a) They will have to find new ways to care for offspring.
b) They will have to learn to attract mates from other areas
c) They will become extinct
d) They will have to learn to eat different foods

How many parents are required for sexual reproduction?
a) Two
b) Four
c) One
d) Six

Which of the following is a disadvantage for sexual reproduction?
a) The offspring is genetically different
b) Offspring can be produced more quickly than by asexual means
c) The genetic diversity makes organisms respond differently to environmental changes
d) A lot of time and energy is required for making gametes and finding mates

Multicellular organisms...
a) divide into two separate organisms
b) divide into daughter cells which remain part of the organism
c) divide to become a new species
d) divide into three different specialized cells

Asexual reproduction is best described as...
a) Pollination
b) Reproduction with two or more parents
c) Reproduction with no parents
d) Reproduction with a single parent

Sexual reproduction requires which of the following to occur?
a) Budding
b) Binary Fission
c) A Gamete
d) A unicellular organisim

Which is the correct order of sexual reproduction?
a) gametes, fertilization, embryo, zygote
b) fertilization, gametes, zygote, embryo
c) gametes, embryo, fertilization, zygote
d) zygote, gametes, fertilization, embryo

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