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What is the average of 150, 175, and 225?
a) 183 1/3
b) 190
c) 500
d) 175

How do you find the average of 4 different numbers?
a) Add them together.
b) Add them to get the sum of the numbers, then divide by 4
c) Guess
d) Write them all down and look at the middle number.

Students play 3 different basketball games. The first score was 25 to 52, the second score was 28 to 45, and the third game was 60 to 67. What was the average number of shots made?
a) 46
b) 277
c) 47
d) 33

What is the average of the following numbers: 25,42,65,68
a) 24
b) 200
c) 50
d) 55

Simplify this fraction 45 4/16
a) 46
b) 45 1/2
c) 45 1/4
d) 45 7/8

Round the following number 87.578243
a) 87.5
b) 90
c) 88
d) 87.6

Add these two fractions 3/4 +7/8 and simplify your answer
a) 21/8
b) 13/8
c) 1 5/8
d) 1 3/4

Find the average of the following numbers 77, 83, 65, 192
a) 417
b) 104.25
c) 105
d) 83

Describe how you would find the average of these numbers: 22, 37, and 48
a) Add all three numbers together and get the answer
b) Add all three numbers together and divide by 4
c) Add all three numbers together and divide by 3 because there are 3 numbers
d) Divide each number by 3 and then add them together.

Find the average of the follow numbers: 16.25, 16.50, 17.00 and 18.25
a) 18.50
b) 17
c) 47.00
d) 68

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