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Highly acidic rain, sleet, or snow that results from the release of oxides of sulfur and nitrogen into the air from burning fossil fuels
a) ore
b) smog
c) acid precipitation
d) acid shock

sudden influx of acidic snows rush into lakes and streams, killing large numbers of fish and amphibians and the offspring of others
a) acid shock
b) smog
c) air pollution
d) Thermal Pollution

condition in which the air contains substances harmful to living things
a) fire pollution
b) ground pollution
c) water pollution
d) air pollution

condition in which air contains harmful substances
a) air pollution
b) water pollution
c) thermal pollution
d) ground pollution

pollution put directly into the air by human activity
a) secondary pollution
b) primary pollution
c) third pollution
d) last pollution

pullution that forms when primary pollutant or a naturally occurring substance such as water comes into contact with other primary pollutants and a chemical reaction takes place
a) thermal vision
b) random pollution
c) smog
d) scondary pollution

condition of buildings with particularly poor air quality
a) poor air
b) sick-building syndrome
c) air conditioning
d) smog

air pollution ober urban areas that reduces visibility
a) smog
b) Thermal Pollution
c) air pollution
d) acid shock

air pollution over urban areas that reduces visivility
a) air pollution
b) Thermal Pollution
c) smog
d) acid shock

atmospheric conditions in which air above is warmer than the air below
a) thermal inversion
b) air pollution
c) primary pollution
d) acid shock

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