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Which will most likely result if there is increased upwelling in a coastal area?
a) more aquatic life
b) less nutrients
c) higher water temp
d) fewer nitrates

Which best determines the health of a lake used as a source of freshwater?
a) depth width
b) temp pH
c) location depth
d) temp depth

What is an example of a producer in a marine ecosystem?
a) fish
b) gull
c) algae
d) worm

Why is water from an aquifer more likely to be cleaner than water from other sources?
a) it forms where fresh salt water meet
b) it receives water directly from precipitation
c) it rises to the surface near the ocean
d) Pollutants are filtered by rocks soil deep in the Earth

What will happen in a lake as a result of increased nitrate levels?
a) an overproduction of algae decreases temperature of the lake, causing fish to die
b) an increase in the temperature of the lake causes plants and fish to die
c) an increase in the lake’s pH causes plants and fish to die
d) an overproduction of algae decreases dissolved oxygen, causing fish to die

Why is a healthy diet important?
a) to maintain constant body temp
b) to prevent damage to internal organs
c) to make oxygen for all the cells in the body
d) to supply the body’s needs for growth and energy

A scientist finds the bones of a dinosaur. What could help the scientist determine the approximate age of the bones?
a) The birds living in the area of the bones
b) the kinds of trees living in the area of the bones
c) the weather conditions in the area of the bones
d) the index fossils in the area of the bones

Which best describes how ice cores are important to the study of geologic history?
a) they show unconformities, which signal changes in deposition
b) they hold index fossils, which are used to date the different ice cores
c) they contain evidence showing changes in the atmospheric composition over time
d) they follow the law of super position, which gives reasons for extinctions

Which is the best method of determining the age of a dinosaur bone?
a) Use the Law of Superposition to find a relative age
b) Use the Law of Superposition to find an absolute age.
c) Use radioactive dating to find relative age.
d) Use radioactive dating to find absolute age

Two organisms have homologous structures. Which can most likely be concluded about the two organisms?
a) They are unrelated
b) They share a common ancestor
c) They are the same organism
d) They evolved in a similar environment

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