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The modern economy of Australia can best be described as ______________.
a) communist
b) pure command
c) pure market
d) mixed market

Australia has a(n) __________ distribution of power within it's government.
a) unitary
b) confederated
c) federal
d) none of these

Which of the following best describes the Australian government today?
a) Parliamentary Democracy
b) Presidential Democracy
c) Unitary Oligarchy
d) Theocratic Dictatorship

Which was an effect of European settlement of Australia?
a) Aborigines remained in their homelands
b) Many Aborigines became factory workers in order to survive.
c) Many Aborigines died of diseases and violence at the hands of European settlers.
d) Many Aborigines were elected to office in the colonial government of Australia.

Most of the first Europeans that came to settle in Australia were ______________.
a) catholic missionaries trying to convert the indigenous people to Christianity.
b) prisoners that were forced to work.
c) freed slaves from America
d) french soldiers

Today, most of the population of Australia speaks the language of the European nation that colonized it. Which language would this be?
a) Dutch
b) French
c) Spanish
d) English

Australia has many trading partners. Why?
a) It has many natural resources to sell and access to two oceans.
b) It doesn't have many natural resources and needs to get them from other countries to meet their needs.
c) Australia doesn't trade. It has enough resources to meet all of it's needs.
d) Australia is the only place in the world where coal can still be found.

Where does most of the population of Australia choose to live and why?
a) The population is evenly scattered throughout the whole country, because the climate is mild everywhere.
b) The southeast and southwest coasts, because the climate is mild there and many jobs are available.
c) The southeast and southwest coasts, because the climate is warmest there.
d) The central part of the country, because there is good farmland there.

Before the arrival of the Europeans in Australia, the indigenous people used an economic system most similar to which of the following:
a) Communist
b) Traditional
c) Command
d) Market

The indigenous population of Australia are referred to as _____________.
a) Incas
b) Aztecs
c) First Nations
d) Aborigines

__________________ is a fee for the use of borrowed money. Usually a % of the borrowed amount.
a) Investment
b) Credit
c) Interest
d) Income

__________ is the ability to borrow money.
a) Credit
b) Debt
c) Interest
d) Income

A(n) _______________ is when someone spends some money now in the hopes that it will result in more money later on.
a) investment
b) interest
c) budget
d) credit

___________________ is a term used to describe a spending and saving plan. These are commonly used by businesses and individuals to manage their income.
a) Investment
b) Interest
c) Credit
d) Budget

The indigenous Aboriginal people of Australia always had positive relationships with early European settlers. The Aborigines showed them how to grow crops in the unique Australian climate.
a) True
b) False
c) --
d) --

Miguel Hidalgo had nothing to do with Colombia winning it's independence from Spain.
a) True
b) False
c) --
d) --

The Cuban Revolution took place during the 1950's. Fidel Castro put a communist economy in place after his forces won control of the country.
a) True
b) False

Why are tariffs low in Australia?
a) Australia needs the extra tax money from tariffs.
b) Australia wants to encourage free trade with other countries.
c) Australia wants to limit the production of goods to keep prices high.
d) Australia does not want to get involved in the business of other countries.

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