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Which of the following was not a program by the New Deal?
a) ban alcohol sales
b) creating jobs to lower unemployment
c) insure bank deposits
d) protect stock market investors

The Fourteenth Amendment...
a) guaranteed equality under the law for all citizens
b) guaranteed freedom of speech
c) granted women the right to vote
d) ended slavery

Which is an example of a free enterprise system?
a) setting up a webpage for the city council
b) eceiving permission from the city to have lemonade stand
c) the government requesting you work in the military
d) starting an online business for yourself

After 2001, all of the presidential elections focused on this topic
a) terrorism
b) welfare system
c) civil rights
d) Jim Crow laws

What did the 19th Amendment do?
a) gave women the right to vote
b) freed slaves
c) ended segregation
d) gave southern African Americans better job opportunities

What was something that both the Roaring 20s and the Baby Boom Era have in common?
a) women's rights
b) jazz became prominent
c) enjoyed good times following wars
d) led to difficult economic times

The inability to meet supply and demand leads to
a) scarcity
b) monopoly
c) civil rights violations
d) alliance

Why did eastern U.S. cities grow and thrive in the early 19th century?
a) steel industry
b) the major ones were near water
c) farm land
d) lots of inventors

How were marches organized by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. an example of the 1st Amendment?
a) Marchers could freely walk
b) Marchers were free to express their feelings about what they saw as the government not paying attention to civil rights
c) Marchers could gather together in a single place
d) Marchers could sue the police who didn't want them marching

The Fifteenth Amendment, passed in 1869 and approved in 1870, gave....
a) women right to vote
b) all male citizens the right to vote
c) Confederate leaders permission to hold office
d) banned women from holding office

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