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The primary tool used to configure the Windows environment and hardware is the
a) control panel
b) domain
c) UAC
d) plug n play

is a feature that helps prevent a program making a change without you knowing about it.
a) signed driver
b) plug n play
c) UAC
d) device manager

Which tool allows support personnel to interact with your session to help troubleshoot problems?
a) a. Remote Desktop
b) b. Remote Assistance
c) c. Credential Manager
d) d. Control Panel

If you connected to your internal network, what should you check if you cannot connect to web servers on the Internet?
a) a. UAC
b) b. Administrative rights
c) c. Proxy settings
d) d. NTFS permissions

What technology automatically configures IRQs, DMA channels, I/O port addresses, and memory address ranges for an expansion card?
a) a. Credential Manager
b) b. Signed drivers
c) c. Services Manager
d) d. Plug and Play

Which built-in account gives full access to the computer system?
a) a. Local System
b) b. Local Service
c) c. Network Service
d) d. Local User

What is a central secure database that stores all hardware configuration information, software configuration information, and system security configuration policies?
a) a. Credential Manager
b) b. The Registry
c) yeet
d) jarvis

When installing drivers on a 64-bit version of Windows Server 2008 R2, you must
a) a. Install only signed drivers
b) b. Install the driver with Device Manager
c) c. First disable UAC
d) d. Enable the Windows Installer service

To install a network role, you would use the
a) a. Computer Management console
b) ydfgh
c) dhad
d) hadfhdth

What program would you use to assign IRQ for a device?
a) hrh
b) hrjyr
c) thytrh
d) b. Device Manager

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