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Money given to Europe by the U.S. to repair the damage after WWII
a) Marshall Plan
b) Domino Theory
c) Containment
d) Truman Doctrine

if one country falls to communism, others would fall as well
a) Domino Theory
b) Containment
c) Marshall Plan
d) Truman Doctrine

Stopping the spread of communism; successful during the Korean War
a) Containment
b) Marshall Plan
c) Truman Doctrine
d) Domino Theory

The _____ Curtain was the division between communism democracy in Europe symbolized by the Berlin Wall
a) Iron
b) Steel
c) Bronze
d) Platinum

conflict between US Soviets over missiles in Cuba; ended when the missiles were removed
a) Cuban Missile Crisis
b) Space Race
c) Vietnam War
d) Korean War

placed greater emphasis on science math in the U.S. after the Soviets launched Sputnik in 1957
a) Space Race
b) Korean War
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) Vietnam War

War over communism in Vietnam where the country was split at the 17th Parallel between North South. South Vietnam surrendered in 1975.
a) Vietnam War
b) Korean War
c) Space Race
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

Freedom of Speach Press passed by Gorbachev in the USSR in 1988
a) Glasnost
b) Perestroika
c) Demcratization
d) Republicanization

the collapse because of economic failures and years of warfare ended communism in this former superpower
b) USA
c) Czechoslovakia
d) Yugoslavia

led India's independence from Britain
a) Mohandas Gandhi
b) Jomo Kenyatta
c) Nelson Mandella
d) Stephen Biko

caused because of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
a) Persian Gulf War
b) Iraq War
c) 9-11
d) Afghanistan

terrorist group responsible for 9-11
a) Al-Qaeda
b) Hezbollah
d) The PLO

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